Ways to improve Raw

With how badly Raw's ratings have declined over the last several years, what do you think of my ideas to improve their ratings

1. Create a legends division where all the legends compete in a Brawl for All tournament with the winner getting health insurance. 

2. Have Goldberg develop schizophrenia where he keeps thinking the nWo is interfering in his matches but we the audience and everyone else can't see anything. 

3. Replace Raw with an NFL game of the week but have Kevin Dunn still in charge of production. Could you imagine all the camera cuts during a pass play? 

4. Have Teddy Long return as the GM of Raw where at the end of the show he is hit in the groin with a football as the show ends no matter what is going on during the show. . 

5.  Replace the outside mats at ringside with moats filled with alligators. Man eating alligators. They are indifferent towards women. 

6.  Have Vince McMahon finally admit on air over the course of 2 years how Lex Luger slamming Yokozuna on the U.S.S. Intrepid led to 9/11. 

7.   Live Horse F------. 

8. Fire all the Hollywood writers and replace Vince with someone more in tune with what fans want. 

Your thoughts? 

You had me at #1.