Shameless plug for Thea Trinidad and myself!

Hello Scott!

It’s ol’ faithful, Bonzai! For those who haven’t kept up in the daily threads for a while, I was hired at the end of last year to be the video editor of Thea Trinidad’s (FKA Zelina Vega in WWE) Youtube channel, which was relaunched today into a gaming channel, so here I am with a shameless plug! To say this has been both a daunting and wonderful creative challenge would be an understatement on both counts, and it’s been an amazing opportunity to go from being a fan of a talent to working in daily collaboration with her and both of us embarking on this channel as our new day jobs.

Basically, my gig is to take her full live-streams and mine the best minutes for comedic effect, with enough visual cutaways and video game audio gags to make even Maffew blush (or sue; and if Maffew sees this and asks “You got any Simpsons gags, mate?”, there’s a split-second one in the next episode!). This debut ep has Thea playing “Among Us” with some special guests including Ronda Rousey and Saraya (aka Paige) on the “we know them from TV fighting” side and folks like Jirard The Completionist and Grandpoobear on the “professional streamers who are famous and popular” side. Any support with a like and subscribe would be greatly appreciated! 

PS: Yes, I have briefly met Aleister Black, and I only mildly embarrassed myself.

Best of luck!