How would you, SCOTT KEITH, have ended the nWo?

Preferably a non comedy answer. If you had control of the WCW universe, when/where/how would you have ended the nWo angle?

Bonus question: what's the big angle and/or feud that proceeds it?

I think it's pretty rich that YOU are demanding a non-comedy answer given some of the emails I've published on your behalf, but the real answer is of course Sting beating Hogan at Starrcade 97, cleanly, and then the nWo turning on Hogan the next night on Nitro because he dropped the ball.  Then the Outsiders can go off and do their own thing, and Hogan can go off and do his own thing, and if the remaining losers want to continue on and call themselves something else then so be it, but that was the logical end of the nWo storyline and that's where it should have stopped one way or another.