What the World Was Watching: USWA Championship Wrestling – December 2, 1995

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Dave Brown and Corey Maclin are doing the announcing duties, returning to the WMC-TV5 studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Brown informs fans that Jerry Lawler broke his leg in a match against Brad Armstrong at the Mid-South Coliseum.

Bob Armstrong comes out and says he has a legal injunction that prevents him from losing full control of the USWA even though Jeff Jarrett beat Jesse James Armstrong on Monday night.  He demands that the Smoky Mountain Wrestling television opening be played since USWA Championship Wrestling is now a joint show.  The producers play it, which is a great moment.

Armstrong returns in the next segment, announcing that he is returning the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship to Tex Slazenger.  Keeping with the joint show theme, USWA promoter Randy Hales comes out and reinstates the contracts of Lance Russell, Dean Hill, and referee Bill Rush.

Opening Contest:  Brian Christopher (42-17-6) pins the Shadow after the Tennessee Jam at 2:27:

Christopher tries to take the Shadow’s mask off and when that does not work, he powerslams the jobber and finishes him off with a superkick and Tennessee Jam.

Maclin talks with Christopher who is upset that he is no longer the USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion.  He complains about having to face Moondog Cujo in a number one contender’s match to get a rematch against Tex Slazenger but says he will do what he has to do to get his title back.

Non-Title Match:  Miss Texas (USWA Women’s Champion) (17-10-1) beats Tasha Simone (w/Downtown Bruno) (3-1) after heel miscommunication at 3:07:

Simone was a Dallas-based talent that broke into the business with the help of Chris Adams in 1992.  She wrestled for a rebooted World Class promotion there before coming to Memphis as Texas’ third women’s challenger in 1995.  For whatever reason the USWA Women’s Championship is a trophy instead of a title belt and Texas carries it to the ring.  While the match unfolds, Bob Armstrong does guest commentary and repeats rumors about Texas sleeping her way to the top, rumors that started with Brandon Baxter months prior.  Bruno interferes to help Simone maintain an advantage, but he does not keep his eye on the action as he accidentally trips Simone when she runs the ropes and then holds her leg down when Texas covers.  With more time these two could have done something.  Rating:  *

Armstrong tells Texas after her match that he is going to bring her better competition.  Reggie B. Fine delivers a taped promo about how he has a twin sister named Regina and he will bring her to the USWA.  If you expected this to be Fine in drag, you are correct and can earn credit at the pay window.

After a commercial break, Armstrong is at the announce table with Brown and they chat about matches for the weekly USWA circuit.  This week will feature the following matches:  Miss Texas defending the USWA Women’s Championship against Regina B. Fine, Brian Christopher vs. Moondog Cujo in a number one contender’s match for the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship, the Smoky Mountain Massacre (who has apparently been reinstated) vs. Randy Hales, Tex Slazenger vs. Koko B. Ware for the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship, Bob Armstrong vs. Jerry Jarrett, and USWA Tag Team Champions Jesse James Armstrong & Tracy Smothers vs. PG-13.  Armstrong’s commentary for why these matches were made was great and Brown played a good straight man.

Non-Title Match:  Jesse James Armstrong & Tracy Smothers (USWA Tag Team Champions) (3-0) beat Tony Williams & Ripley Prim when Armstrong pins Prim after a double chokeslam at 2:37:

Williams is shown as the stronger jobber, faring well until he tags in Prim, who the heels destroy.  Throughout the match Brown talks about how it is unfair that Randy Hales has to wrestle the Smoky Mountain Massacre in Memphis.  The squash ends with a double chokeslam, which was the finisher that Smothers used with the Dirty White Boy as a tag team finisher in SMW.

After the bell, the heels beat up Prim some more and no one bothers to make a save.

Brown interviews Jerry Lawler.  Lawler says that he broke his leg after landing wrong after he took a punch, but he promises to return in three or four weeks to fight Bob and Brad Armstrong.

Moondog Cujo (w/Richard Lee) (4-2-1) pins Edric Hines after a splash in 58 seconds:

Cujo charges the ring as per usual and wipes out the much smaller Hines with a powerbomb, slam, and splash.  Lee complains to the announcers that Cujo should not have to face Brian Christopher for a shot at the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship.

Maclin interviews PG-13, who say that SMW makes them sick.  They also show off footage of them laying waste to various talents that came into the USWA this year.

PG-13 & Koko B. Ware defeat Tex Slazenger, the Smoky Mountain Massacre & the Yellow Jacket when J.C. Ice pins the Jacket after Wolfie D tilt-a-whirl slams him onto the Jacket at 4:09:

Ware was best known to Memphis fans as Sweet Brown Sugar, feuding with Jerry Lawler in the early 1980s and winning the AWA Southern Tag Team Championship with Bobby Eaton.  He popped up in Memphis several times in the 1990s as part of the WWF’s talent exchange agreement with the USWA.  The WWF released him in 1994 and Ware wrestled some matches for the American Wrestling Federation (AWF) before coming back to Memphis for a small run.  The Jacket must have been a last second replacement for someone since he is not part of the SMW faction.  Predictably, he takes a beating in the early going and the Massacre stupidly tags him back in later, causing the team to lose when PG-13 finish him off with their tilt-a-whirl double team.  Rating:  *

The Last Word:  The court injunction idea to keep the promotion split 50-50 between the USWA and SMW has a lot of possibilities and is a direction the USWA should have embraced after the second winner-take-all match between Jeff Jarrett and Jesse James Armstrong as each company would have had one win against the other.  Bob Armstrong works really well as a heel authority figure for the group and his segments carried this show.

Attendance declined for the second-straight week at the Mid-South Coliseum.  420 fans paid a gate of $3,400 – the lowest in the history of the territory – on December 4 to see the following show, with results provided courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

-USWA Women’s Champion Miss Texas (18-10-1) defeated Regina B. Fine (0-14)

-Moondog Cujo (5-2-1) beat Brian Christopher (43-17-6) to become the number one contender to the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship

-The Smoky Mountain Massacre (1-0) pinned Randy Hales (2-1)

-USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Tex Slazenger (3-2) beat Koko B. Ware

-Bob Armstrong (1-1) beat Jerry Jarrett via disqualification

-USWA Tag Team Champions Jesse James Armstrong & Tracy Smothers (4-0) defeated PG-13 (48-20-3) via disqualification

Backstage News*:        The report of Jerry Lawler’s injury on USWA Championship Wrestling is accurate as Lawler suffered a broken fibula against Brad Armstrong in Memphis.  Although attendance is alarming at the Mid-South Coliseum the territory is still drawing well elsewhere so the USWA is likely to switch the Mid-South Coliseum shows to another day next year.

*The reason for Lance Russell’s absence from USWA Championship Wrestling is that he is on vacation with his grandchildren at Walt Disney World.  He will not be back until mid-December.

*Doug Gilbert is on tour with IWA in Japan, so reports of his injury were a work.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for December 11.

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