WCW Worldwide – September 26th, 1992

Jumping ahead a month, with not too much happening in the mean time.

Intro: Tony and Jesse, after a random announcement of the impending arrival of Kensuke Sasaki (who I never felt made it as big in the US as he could’ve), throw to the Cowboy, announces that there’ll be a tournament in 1993 to crown the new light heavyweight champion due to Brad Armstrong’s forfeiture due to injury (there wouldn’t be) and the top rope rule is rescinded unless it’s a kneedrop to the head or throat (they wouldn’t stick to that either).

Van Hammer vs. Kenny Kendall

Hammer has switched from black latex to silver, which is a cool look, but a good look is all he had. Kendall is one of my favourite jobbers because he looks like Matthew McConaughey. In an inset interview he looks forward to a “Van-tastic” year. Slingshot suplex finishes. I always thought it was bad continuity that he never did that move when he came back in ’97 as a part of the Flock, but if they gave it any thought I would imagine they just didn’t want to risk him almost dropping people on their head any more.

WCW Magazine (w/Eric Bischoff): Promotion for Halloween Havoc and Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal. Jake cuts a very succinct promo on the stipulation. Or unenthusiastic, because it definitely wasn’t one of his best.

Interview: Tony talks to Steve Austin, who has lost the TV title to Ricky Steamboat. Paul E isn’t in the picture any more either. He talks up his chances of holding other titles, whether it’s in singles and tags, and predicts a metamorphosis in the coming weeks that will result in him being the most dominant wrestler of the nineties and the world heavyweight champion. Give it four years, Steve, you’ll get there.

The Barbarian vs. Danny Deese

Barb is now managed by Cactus Jack, who was injured at the time, so that there’s someone to talk for him. Danny Deese looks like Buddy Rose’s little brother and would go on to be renamed Austin Steele. As the top rule is rescinded Barb finishes with the flying headbutt.

Shane Douglas vs. Scotty Flamingo

Oh no, not this guy! I take it back, this was my favourite run for Shane, back in WCW for the first time in two and a half years, pushed as Magnum TA’s protege with the belly-to-belly. Scotty is already down to “Currently in the ring…” jobber to the stars status. Jesse gripes over Tony not thanking him for namedropping him on Entertainment Tonight recently. Scotty gets a swinging neckbreaker and suplex for two each. Shane blocks another neckbreaker by holding onto the ropes, but somehow ends up with a mega-wedgie, and finishes with the belly-to-belly for the pin.

WCW Magazine: More Halloween Havoc hype, with Cacti talking up the Barbarian in regards to his challenge for the world title against Ron Simmons. Ron rebuts. Eric also speculates about a secret Roberts/Barb/Jack triumvirate… well, that’s where they were going, but it never gained ground.

Halloween Havoc Control Centre: Simmons vs. Barbarian. Sting vs. Snake. Rick Rude in an infamously bad rematch for the NWA championship against Masahiro Chono. The Steiners challenge Doc and Gordy for the tag team championships – only one of the four men would be there by the time that rolled round.

Steve Williams and Terry Gordy vs. The Steiner Brothers

Or you can watch the latter match on TV for free, but without the titles on the line. I’ll repeat, as GMC did, that the titles are NOT on the line, just in case you need the result signposting. For shame that Gordy fucked up this last big shot as himself in the big leagues in the US, because he and Doc were super workers at this point as tough heels who would give their opponents anything if they fought for it, as shown when they go flying on double back body drops. Tony suggests that the champs might be out of sync seeing as they’re just back from Japan, but normally that would mean they were bulldozing their opponents. Doc hit a three point stance, but runs into a stiff Steinerline from Rick. After a break, Scott goes to the outside and gets torpedoed by Bam Bam. Big suplex back in for two. The heels keep Scott on their side of the ring while he keeps on edging towards Rick. Gordy gets a crazy lariat, headbutting the corner multiple times before nailing it. Doc gets a single leg Boston, with Scott getting a tag disallowed by the ref while he’s distracted by Gordy. Gordy follows with an STF. The fans are frantic for Scott to get the eventual tag. Rick with his high powerslam on Gordy for two. Scott bails Rick out of a back body drop, allowing him to slip behind Gordy and German suplex him for the pinfall. This was obviously to set up the previously announced match, but it didn’t end up happening.

WCW Magazine: Sting responds more energetically, as quickly as he can, to Jake’s gloating from earlier in the hour.

Close: Tony interviews Ron Simmons in front of a hometown crowd with a pretty confident delivery. A shame he wasn’t into it to the very end, because he oozed credibility as a champion and took years to regain his high status.

The Bottom Line: Not feeling the road to Halloween Havoc, but the main event was in the upper half of quality for the many Steiners/MVC matches.