Monday Night Wars, US Only?

Hi Scott. 

I've been enjoying reading the Wrestling Observer flashbacks on your blog, especially since we're now into the Monday Night Wars. 

This got me thinking. As a lad in his teens living in the UK, I grew up on World of Sport wrestling and then, when that vanished in the late 80s, the WWF. 

I wasn't able to watch RAW at the time, but I never used to miss Superstars. I was aware of WCW, hell I even had a WCW LCD game where you could play as Arn Anderson or Sting, but I didn't follow it, for me, it was the WWF. 

WWF was the only wrestling I had available at the time and therefore was the only one I watched. 

Truth be told, I wasn't even aware of the “War” and took the Huckster skits as jabs at the older, now gone, wrestlers. Think was probably 2001 when I first heard the term (which coincides with when I got internet access)

My question is, was this the case for most people outside of the US, or was it just me living a sheltered life? 

Probably just you, although I of course was hyper-aware of it due to living on the internet at the time, even though I couldn't watch either show truly live.  But everyone's experience is different.  There's probably even some people right now who don't even know there's a Wednesday Night War going on and haven't even picked a side to hate yet!