What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – October 21, 1995

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Chip Kessler and Les Thatcher are doing commentary and they are taped from Harlan, Kentucky.

Opening Contest:  The THUGS (10-4) beat Larry Santo & Ron Davis when the Dirty White Boy pins Davis after a double Bucksnort Blaster at 2:08:

Davis takes a beating and tags in Santo, who gets in a few licks on Tracy Smothers, but then Santo stupidly tags Davis in right after and he is quickly finished off with a double Bucksnort Blaster.

Thatcher interviews the THUGS and Robert Gibson.  Gibson promises he will take care of business as a special guest referee in Johnson City on October 28.  Tracy Smothers is happy to have Gibson refereeing the match while the Dirty White Boy screams about how he likes chain matches.

After recapping how Buddy Landel cost Tommy Rich his match against Flash Flanagan on last week’s show, Thatcher talks with Landel.  Landel is wearing Rich’s ring jacket as he talks about how hard it has been for him to find someone to back him up.  He continues to hype the Four Faces of Fear and promises to keep screwing with Rich’s mind.

Robert Gibson (2-2-1) beats Mosh (0-1) when the THUGS interfere at 5:04:

Jim Cornette comes by during the match to talk to the commentators about how it is unfair for him to be the special guest referee in Johnson City because he is biased against the Heavenly Bodies.  The Bodies come to ringside a few minutes into the match and the THUGS follow a few moments later to even the odds.  With so many talents coming out it is weird that Mosh’s tag team partner does not make an appearance.  Prichard trips Gibson when he runs the ropes, but the THUGS return the favor when they push Mosh off the top and help Gibson win.  Just a standard TV match.  Rating:  **

The Bodies and Cornette are guests on “Kessler’s Korner.”  Jimmy del Ray complains that the THUGS cheated Mosh “out of a windfall.”  Cornette says that he needs help to fend off the THUGS and other threats, so he is going to bring in a drill sergeant named Sergeant Rock.  Dr. Tom Prichard promises bittersweet justice for the THUGS in Johnson City on October 28.

Thatcher interviews Tommy Rich and Cornette.  Thatcher gets the Four Faces of Fear concept wrong, heralding it as “The Four Faces of Doom.”  Cornette quickly corrects him en route to promising pain for Buddy Landel.  Rich tells Landel that he will wish he was in hell after he gets done with him at the end of the month.

Flash Flanagan (1-0) beats Tommy Rich (w/Jim Cornette) (6-2) via count out at 2:09:

Like last week, Rich dominates Flanagan and hits the DDT but Cornette urges Rich not to cover.  Right after that, Buddy Landel runs out and Rich chases him around the ring until he gets counted out.

Commissioner Bob Armstrong calls into the broadcast, who says that Terry Gordy’s piledriver aggravated an injury he had from a 1977 match against the Mongolian Stomper.  He promises some special matches that will surprise fans in the weeks to come.

After recapping the heel beatdown to end last week’s broadcast, Thatcher interviews SMW Champion Brad Armstrong and the Wolfman.  Armstrong thanks the Wolfman for trying to save him on last week’s show.  He vows to give Gordy a taste of his own medicine.

Terry Gordy (w/Jim Cornette) (4-0) pins Chris Michaels (1-0) with a lariat at 2:08:

Cornette stops by to provide guest commentary for the second time in the show and he spends time talking about the need for Sergeant Rock.  Gordy moves so slowly in the ring that this is a sad match to watch.  Gordy usually wins with a powerbomb, but he might have knocked Michaels silly with the lariat as that is used for the finish.

After the bell, Gordy whips Michaels until the Wolfman tries to make the save by attacking Cornette.  However, Gordy decks him and whips away until Brad Armstrong makes the save.

Thatcher interviews Armstrong, who tells Sandy Scott that he wants to face Gordy immediately and he will put the title on the line.  Scott agrees to sanction the match despite there only being a few minutes left in the broadcast.

SMW Championship Match:  Brad Armstrong (Champion w/the Wolfman) (12-1) wrestles Terry Gordy (5-0) to an inconclusive finish at 3:25:

Even though Armstrong is supposedly full of fire and ready to beat up Gordy, he does not waste a lot of time to lock in a headlock.  Gordy powers out and slowly beats on Armstrong as the broadcast runs out of time and we are promised the rest of the match next week.  As you will see below, what makes this match weird is that by the time this episode aired Gordy was already the SMW Champion, having won it from Armstrong as part of the “Trick or Treat” match.

The Last Word:  Terry Gordy still has an imposing look but his in-ring work had deteriorated by 1995 and the last two matches of the show exposed that.  Having Tommy Rich lose two consecutive matches to Flash Flanagan, even if they were due to nefarious means, is a questionable booking decision too since his matches with Buddy Landel are supposed to headline the Halloween Scream Tour.  So, while this was a perfectly acceptable hour of wrestling television, it seems to have taken the promotion a few steps backward because it exposed the flaws of one top act and reduced the value of another.

SMW started its Halloween Scream Tour during this week in its history, visiting Knoxville and Morristown, Tennessee.  Here were the results of those shows, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Knoxville, Tennessee – The City Coliseum – October 20, 1995 (900): Chris Michaels pinned Mosh…Robert Gibson beat the Punisher via disqualification…Terry Gordy & Thrasher defeated Brad Armstrong and the Wolfman in a Trick or Treat match when Gordy pinned Armstrong,  Due to the stipulations of the match, Gordy became the SMW Champion…SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies beat the THUGS when Jimmy del Ray pinned the Dirty White Boy…Tommy Rich defeated Buddy Landel in a chain match.

Morristown, Tennessee – Talley Ward Recreational Center – October 21, 1995 (425):  Chris Michaels pinned Mosh…Robert Gibson pinned the Punisher…The Heavenly Bodies & Terry Gordy beat the THUGS & Brad Armstrong at 30:00…Tommy Rich pinned Buddy Landel in a falls count anywhere match.

Backstage News*:  The reason for the Wolfman’s recent push is that he is affiliated with the Power Maker II brand that is advertised on SMW television.  The product is billed as a “safe anabolic steroid” and as part of the deal for the company to sponsor SMW, the Wolfman had to get a push.

*Without having WWF names on the cards attendance has been poor on the Halloween Scream Tour and SMW estimates that it has about 500 diehard fans in Knoxville or Johnson City that will turn out for the SMW regulars but no one else will.

*The “Trick or Treat” match will take place again in Johnson City on October 28.  Now that Terry Gordy has the title, Brad Armstrong can win it back if he or the Wolfman pin Gordy during the match.

*In a bad sign for the promotion’s future its owner Rick Rubin told Rolling Stone magazine for a recent story that he owned a wrestling company but did not mention it by name.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for October 30.

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