Tom Magee has been surpassed

Hi Scott,

Since Tom Magee is a favourite of the blog I thought you might be interested in this. During the World's Strongest Man competition in 1983 Magee apparently deadlifted over 1000 lbs of cheese in New Zealand, a record that stood for 37 years. But during this year's WSM (which I highly recommend), Olekseii Novikov broke that record, though sadly deadlifting regular metal weights rather than cheese or any other milk product. Novikov went on to win the tournament, bringing a tear to my eye and raising hopes that he will be another Magee, perhaps having a three star dark match with AJ Styles some time in the late 2020s.

Pix of the cheese deadlift or GTFO.  You can’t tease me with something like that and leave me hanging.