Hope all is well.

I didn’t know Luke Harper/Brodie Lee/Jon Huber.

The closest I came was seeing him live have an awesome match at RAW in Brooklyn in 2014.

My anti-Cena bias at the time led me to immediately marvel at Harper’s work and appreciate how much the guy can go.

Anyway, I watched the WWE Best of Luke Harper special they put on the Network today.

I got to say for a guy to make the entire Wyatt family and especially Randy Orton of all people tear up just talking about him speaks volumes.

This was obviously an incredible person whose friends and family were very lucky to have known him.

The video they put with Harper tearing up talking about his son is a heartbreaker as well.

Can’t imagine how his family is dealing.

The special is definitely worth a watch at any rate.

Definitely sounds like it’s worth a watch.