Horrifying question about Starrcade 95

Or potentially what could have been. So we all remember the Dungeon Of Doom yeah? We all certainly remember THE YETI. Here's the thing. The Yeti was presented as being originally AHEAD of The Giant in the pecking order. He was introduced right before Halloween
Havoc and the entire show built up as The DOD's diabolical master plan or some such shit. So Hogan faces Giant at HH. Was he originally supposed to be face the goddamned Yeti at Starrcade??!? I mean obviously it went over even worse than the DOD's usual shenanigans
and within weeks Yet-tay was a ninja then vanished for a while then came back as a generic big man but for a week or two The Mummy that was also a Yeti was treated like a VERY big deal and he was TALLER than The Giant so in Hulk Hogan logic that meant he was
TOUGHER brother.

So yeah. Starrcade 95. Hogan vs. Yeti. I wonder how close we were to getting this.

I often wonder the same thing myself.