Big Exclusive Scoop on how AEW will try to stop…

The podcast worKING Man Mr. James E Cornette and his co-host
”The Great” Brian Last.

It’s me, the ”Newsmaster” ,a friend to all the members of Mr.Scott Keith ”Blog of Doom”. This is a special edition already and like always i
will bring for free the greatest unknown news about the wrestling business. 
Today i got one of the biggest angle ever created to make Mr.Cornette and Mr. Last quit
watching AEW for good. Because we all know how sick and tired the AEW roster is about both of them telling about the company and their sometimes shitty wrestling matches.

I received a ”rumor” that  Mr.Tony Khan sends a storyline with the help of his Elite Crew, to either make Jim and Brian 
heads to blows or bring them ”All In” like Mr.Meltzer and live happily forever. 

So you can start with this EXCLUSIVE news about AEW 1st month of craziness. This is a rough copy of the script, so all remarks
made by Mr.Tony Khan will be
 included, i don’t hide anything for my fans. So if you are ready, let’s begin.

Week 1

AEW will Sign Donald Trump to be ”THE 1sT Commander” ( note to staff, Cornette will shit his pants on his podcast) The storyline will be 2 months long. To
make him comfortable around the place, Mr.Commander will join ”The Inner Circle”.  
Y2J and his misfits will inform ”The Trump” of all activities going around the arena, the parking lot or the football field. (note for Cody,
unlike your former boss, you can sneeze near Trump, he don’t give a sh*t)

Week 2

 As you know, there is already friction in the group. ”Trumpy” (note to Jim and Tony, Tell that the nickname came from when Santana climbed the bathroom wall to make a joke on Trump but then he saw
his big penis (contract obligation)thank you )So Trump wants Orange Cassidy to join ”The Inner circle”. Of course Jeriblow refused to include one of his arch nemesis. Trump claims that this young cool fella can move the rating even higher for the promotion.
(note to staff, demo prove it)

For his case ”Jericovid” explains the history of hatred and ridiculousness of the previous months to his buddy Donald. After thinking like 3 seconds the commander will announce that in 2 weeks on a special PPV called ”Don’t step
on my fairies Toes Corny” ”there will be the first ever ”Blow a load on Monika Lewinsky dress match”where that He and Pockets will fight in
 the White House. The reasonning is that Trump had never leave the fucking building
so we can use it. (note to Jim and Tony on how to promote the match, explain that Both competitors will have to find the dress and cum on it to become the winner and to be the real 1st Friend and moving ratings star of the group. thank you)

((special note: Jim ross and Tony Schiavoni have been seen leaving the building, hypnotize them again, thank you))

Week 3

A lot of bullshit to build the next ppv, Jericho and Orange must team to gain the affection of ”Lord Bacon”. (note to the announcers, tell that the nickname Lord Bacon, come from a beautiful lady from russia who said the former president was tasting salty,
thank you)So they beat the ”Best Friends” when the best friend try to pin Orange, but then Trump will arrive in the monika lewinsky dress, distracting Fuc ”sorry” Chuck Taylor and the finish will be a belly bump on the head of Taylor by Y2j to bring the
victory home. (note to Chris, can you gain a little more weight to make it seem legit, thank you)

The PPV Match
(note to talents, We already have a confirmation that this match will get the 10 stars rating. Congrats to
everybody. We made it)

So here’s the finish for the ppv. Special effects will be in insertion ().(note to y2j and pockets, Run around, use the hand stairs to slide and kick faces, it’s all funny anyway when you are both together on screen, keep it up, Corny
will destroy his betamax, good job) 
So ”Pockets” find the dress first, but he is fucked because he got no hands and realise he can’t squeeze the juice , so he lost the match right? Oh fuck no
he does not. 

While Orange cry, ”YU Gainweight” Jericho try to find his penis under his belly (insert laughs from the white house staff) The Judas lip singer get mad and when he try to hit the staff member, he tripped with his pants down his ankles
and hit his head somewhere on the table and fall asleep like we all do on a wednesday night. So at that moment, Pockets will perform his brand new finisher call ”The Poffo Express”, by bending forward and winning the match by a head. ( Excalibur at that
moment,since you will be alone in the booth, explain to the fans, that Orange learn that new finisher a couples of week before when he was trained by Marko Stunt in a secret session, thank you)

And in the closing moment of the ppv to make matter worse for ”The captain of the Sea of Piss Cruise”  who just lost what he thought was his best friend he realise that when his head hit the desk  he push a missile button that was
hiding under a bag of chips.Let Donald blame it on the media right away and when he look at the destination the missile took it was going straight to Jim Cornette house. End of the ppv. (note to the special effects  guys, a big explosion, but not of covid

So after all this emotion my question is to you, Members of the Keith’s Doom of Board,
Do you want to know what’s going to happen on the next month’s show?
If yes, i’ll see you all soon if not i’m fuck. 

Thank you again
Take Care

The Newsmaster

Well you can’t leave us hanging on this one.