Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope everyone had a nice, safe weekend. It appears that, at least according to reports, all nationally televised brands will be jobbing to COVID-19 for the next couple of weeks. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is the first reported positive case I’ve heard. RAW is being completely re-written by Triple H so it probably won’t be as bad as normal. I am actually a little intrigued to see what he does.

That being said the College Football Playoff championship game between Alabama and Ohio State is happening tonight so I expect that to take a bite out of the ratings.

Otherwise I just hope everyone is doing well. Excuse my French, but there’s a lot of fuckery happening out there right now and hard not to be a little dismayed.

And today’s weird promo features Roddy Piper appreciating Ricky Steamboat’s time in the gym and Steamboat barking like a dog…Oh if cocaine could speak the stories it would tell.

Keep it Clean.