WWE and Live Crowds, Unrecognized Title Reigns

Hi Scott,


Hope winter isn’t too bad in Saskatchewan. I have a few random questions:


  1. I know WWE is proud of the Thunderdome and I admit it’s a neat idea, especially after they figured out how to stop the trolls. Yet I find it hard to believe Vince isn’t irked AEW has
    found a way to have real live people in the building. I know he doesn’t own his own football stadium, but surely he could have found an outdoor venue in Florida to rent out. Does he really like controlling the crowd noise that much even though live crowds
    can do a 180 on the reactions once they come back?
  2. What is the deal with Antonio Inoki’s phantom WWE Title Reign. I have heard a number of explanations, from a mistake by the ref, to the ring announcer announcing a title change in
    a non-title match and NJPW giving Inoki the belt to go along, to it supposed be a real change but a deal fell through so Vince ignored it, to a plain old double cross. Any clues?

Stay safe and warm!


1.  Vince controls all the crowd reactions, doesn't have to deal with b------- from the crowd, and gets the same money from the networks.  He literally has no reason to go back to crowds again from his perspective.  

2.  I think the deal falling through story was the closest, but I too have heard a lot of variations so I'm not much help here I'm afraid.