WCW Worldwide – July 4th, 1992

Lockdown fever is kicking in, so I thought I’d pick back up with some available WCW Worldwide from 1992. At this point we’re just past Beach Blast and Clash 19, with clips from the Steiners against Doc and Gordy prior to the opening, with Doc clipping Scott.

Intro: Tony and Jesse, in his Navy SEAL costume for Independence Day, open the show. In the main event, the Hollywood Blondes EXPLODE several months before that’s even a thing. Cowboy Bill Watts pops in to say hello as well, saying nothing while talking lots. He’s already defending his booking decisions. If you pad the outside then you may as well pad the entire arena! And people don’t understand the top rope rule… you can still jump off the top rope, just as long as you don’t jump onto anybody! We’re TOUGH in WCW, not like the cartoon wrestling federation! LET’S HOOK ‘EM UP! I love Cowboy, but he f----- up big from the start no matter what his intentions were.

Scotty Flamingo vs. Scott Sandlin

Scotty is the Light Heavyweight Champion as of Beach Blast, but doesn’t even get an entrance. The Scotts do some mat-based amateur wrestling, which hardly screams Light Heavyweight even in 1992. Sandlin falls right on his face in a botch. Scotty just moves to the left when he goes for a sunset flip, which more guys should’ve done. Abdominal stretch into a cradle wins it for Flamingo, who at least gets his Saved By the Bell music upon the win.

WCW Magazine (w/Eric Bischoff): The Great American Bash is coming soon! Dustin Rhodes talks on behalf of Barry Windham ahead of facing Rick Rude and Steve Austin while saying “pally” a lot. Sting will also be facing Vader, but why push one of the greatest WCW world heavyweight championship matches and feuds ever when you can push the NWA tag team championship being brought out of mothballs.

Tony and Jesse talk about the allegations from the Clash of the “Puerto Rican wreck”, which luckily Doc and Gordy were first responders to. Without any opponents to wrestle, the Steiners have to face the MVC if they’re man enough. Paragon of manliness Bill Watts agrees and pours suspicion on the car wreck story and if there even was a car involved, booking the match on the fly while going against the NWA board. As seen in the opening, Doc took out Scott’s knee at ultra-slow speed. Doc gets a Goldberg-like gorilla press into a powerslam for two on Scott. Scott goes for a last chance belly-to-belly, but Gordy clips him again and Williams falls on top of Scott (and Terry) for the pin.

Sting vs. John Peterson

Sting cuts an inset promo with Jesse for the first minute of the match. Big elbow from the Stinger and then he just drops Peterson face-first on the top turnbuckle and Stinger Splashes him and locks on the Scorpion for the win. No f------ about.

WCW Magazine: Back to Beach Blast, Ricky Steamboat beat Rick Rude in the Iron Man match to blow off their feud, but didn’t win the belt and won’t get another shot at it in a bit of bad news from Paul E. Cactus Jack attacks from behind to kick off their short feud, which I think ended quickly after Cacti tore his groin in the summer. Tony then runs down the card for the Bash.

Interview: Jesse interviews his new heroes, Doc and Gordy. Everyone knows that Doc is one of the worst interviews of all time, but I always thought that while not a glib talker, Bam Bam was an underrated talker. Doc manages not to call the Steiners homophobic slurs in this one.

Dan Spivey vs. Gary Jackson

Return to WCW for Spivey, with the intense eyes. Just about gets Jackson over for a suplex, which at his height does look impressive. Jesse reckons Spivey is a tough guy because he wears a leather jacket to the ring. Spivey absolutely spikes Jackson with a powerbomb for the win, worse than anything Sid could do.

Interview: Ron Simmons comes out to talk with Jesse about his history and his quest for the title. Slow burn on his push.

Flyin’ Brian vs. Stunning Steve Austin

Nearing the end of the babyface run for Pillman before he became one of the best heels in wrestling. Pill controls with a side headlock to start, but walks into an elbow and punches and forearms from Austin. Headscissors, dropkick and victory roll swing it back. Dangerously riles up the crowd with claims of hair pulling, back when he had enough to still mime that. Pill goes for another victory roll, but gets dropped back to give Austin the advantage, followed by a swinging neckbreaker that goes completely the wrong way and seems to defy physics. Reverse chinlock with a knee in the back of the neck, which is one of those moves that was completely out by the end of the nineties. Paul decides to be a dick by holding the TV title up in Pillman’s face until Randy Anderson comes out and takes it away from him in a funny bit. Dibiase-like powerslam gets two for Steve. Brian gets a springboard back elbow off the second rope blind for two, but whiffs on a dropkick. Austin gets a nice snap suplex, then misses his own flying… something off the second, going face-first into the mat. Spinning heel kick to the front and back, a year or so before the Kid and Owen Hart were doing them regularly. Austin catches Brian going to finish with Air Pillman in a Stun Gun for the win. Fantastic match with two guys showing great chemistry before they were paired together in one of those once-in-a-lifetime connection.

WCW Magazine: Harley Race talks about Sting is a marked man ahead of the Bash.

Next week: Ricky Steamboat and Barry Windham talk with Jesse ahead of their match with Austin and Cacti. Ricky: “You get to face me next week, can you dig it?!” – sounds funny coming out of such a straight guy.

The Bottom Line: Loved the main event and will continue doing these for the time being where they’re available.