ECW on Sci Fi – August 8, 2006

ECW on Sci Fi
Date: August 8, 2006
Location: Gaylord Entertainment Center, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz

We’re back after last week’s sojourn into Vince McMahon’s nightmare of a television main event of Batista vs. Big Show. Sabu seems to be the next challenger for Big Show’s ECW World Title and that sounds at least slightly better than what we’ve been seeing with all of the guest stars. Yeah that’s where we are now: Sabu is the big hope. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at Paul Heyman getting some muscle to fight the ECW originals.

Opening sequence.

Mike Knox vs. Tommy Dreamer

Kelly Kelly is here with Knox and Dreamer has a bad limp after last last week. Knox jumps him to start but Dreamer is back with a neckbreaker and baseball slide. A whip sends Knox into the steps and the DDT connects back inside but here are Heyman with his goons to jump Dreamer. Back in and Knox’s swinging Downward Spiral is good for the fast pin.

Post match the beatdown seems imminent but here’s Sandman for the rather slow save.

Post break, Heyman says he knows Sandman is upset about Dreamer and Heyman is too. Heyman was going to have Dreamer in a rematch from last week but now he can’t do that. Don’t worry though because Heyman has something else in mind.

Test/Mike Knox vs. Sandman

This isn’t extreme rules so the Singapore cane is illegal. Sandman swings it anyway but gets beaten down with a bunch of stomping. Test misses the top rope elbow so Sandman grabs the cane for the DQ.

Video on Sabu.

We look at Sabu attacking Big Show over the last few weeks.

Sabu says he’s beating Kurt Angle to become #1 contender.

Balls Mahoney likes ECW because he gets to be extreme.

Kevin Thorn vs. Al Snow

Thorn has Ariel with him and an early distraction starts things fast. Snow slugs away but Thorn hits a quick spear. Thorn and Ariel stop to do their….whatever it is before Thorn hits a hanging Stunner. More Ariel time sets up a Razor’s Edge to finish Snow in a hurry.

Video on Kurt Angle.

Angle is ready to make Sabu understand that it’s suicidal to step in the ring with him.

Rene Dupree is ready to be the most extreme athlete in ECW history.

Here’s Big Show in a suit for a chat. He knows the champ has never looked so good because he’s here to bring some class to ECW. If Kurt Angle wants to get involved, Show will crush him like crackers in his soup. If Sabu comes after him, he’ll learn what it means to be suicidal (not a good sign when you have to use the same line about Sabu twice in five minutes). No one can beat him.

Video on CM Punk’s debut last week.

Punk thanks the fans for the welcome last week and says it was worth it for everything he gave to get here. He’s back next week and he has to make the most of it because that is his nature.

Kurt Angle vs. Sabu

For the #1 contendership at Summerslam. Sabu dives at the ankle to start so Angle takes him to the mat with no trouble. The headlock has Sabu in trouble but he reverses into a front facelock. That’s broken up in a hurry but Sabu sends him shoulder first into the post. We take a break and come back with Sabu having to fight out of a reverse chinlock. The springboard tornado DDT plants Angle for two but he pops back up with a belly to belly. We hit the chinlock with a bodyscissors so Sabu fights up, setting up a springboard leg lariat.

Sabu charges into a boot in the corner but comes right back with another leg lariat for another two. Angle is right back up with the rolling German suplexes so Sabu comes back with another springboard leg lariat. The camel clutch is countered into an ankle lock which is countered with a roll through the ropes for the break. Back in and Sabu grabs a cross armbreaker but Angle reverses into the ankle lock. Cue the returning Rob Van Dam with a Van Daminator to take Angle out, which will of course be a no contest because WWE has a really poor understanding of disqualifications.

Rating: C. I’m almost stunned but Sabu had a decent match here, which is likely attributed to Angle being able to rein him in. It’s almost bizarre to see Sabu have a straight match, mainly because he did it well enough here. The ending doesn’t make sense but given how the rest of this show has gone, that isn’t even worth getting annoyed about in the first place.

Post match Van Dam beats down Sabu as well to stand tall to end the show.

Overall Rating: D. The main event, while only pretty good, was nowhere near enough to save this show, which was all about making the ECW originals look like the most worthless wrestlers in recent memory. They lost three matches and the fourth was dead to rites until Van Dam came in for the, ahem, no contest. This show felt like they were actively trying to crush the old ECW and while that might not be the worst idea long term, it didn’t make for the most thrilling show this week.

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