What the World Was Watching: USWA Championship Wrestling – November 25, 1995

Corey Maclin is going solo today for this episode, taped from the Nashville Fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee.  The temporary switch out of the WMC-TV5 studio is nice because this venue is bigger and has more energy.  You can also see cigarette smoke wafting from the crowd on numerous occasions too as this was a time before indoor smoking bans.  And in a weird aesthetic, the promotion uses a white picket fence for a guardrail.

Opening Contest:  Wolfie D (8-1-2) pins Pat Tanaka (3-8-2) with a sunset flip at 4:40:

Tanaka’s heart is not in this match as he botches his early offense and boringly pounds away until Wolfie D makes a generic babyface comeback and wins with a sunset flip.  Whether it was due to injury or substance issues, Tanaka put together sub-par matches throughout his Memphis run.  Rating:  ½*

Footage of the Jeff Jarrett-Jesse James Armstrong match from Memphis airs.  Armstrong won after his father, Bob, ran in from the crowd, tripped Jarrett when he was doing some mounted punches in the corner, and held down Jarrett’s leg while the referee counted the pin.

Bob Armstrong delivers a taped promo, announcing that he is happy to be the new owner of the USWA.  He announces that all of the USWA’s announcers are fired, including USWA promoter Randy Hales.  Armstrong says that when he checked the USWA’s bank account it was empty, which does not surprise him because Jerry Jarrett has a habit of embezzling funds.  He concedes that he would be happy to put his ownership of the USWA back on the line if Jarrett puts up his house in Hendersonville, Tennessee because he needs a house in the area if he is going to keep running the company.  Armstrong seemed to relish taking shots at Jarrett in this promo.

Maclin, who keeps doing the broadcast even though he is fired, talks with Tracy Smothers.  Smothers says that PG-13 do not deserve another tag team title shot because they are a couple of jabronis.  PG-13 walk out and call Smothers and Jesse James Armstrong cowards for refusing to put the titles up once more time.  Smothers refuses to take the bait.

J.C. Ice (2-1) beats Tracy Smothers (5-7) via disqualification when the Smoky Mountain Massacre interferes in 32 seconds:

Smothers refused to agree to a tag team title match, but he also goads Ice into a singles match that abruptly ends when the Massacre runs in and squashes the much smaller Ice.  Wolfie D makes the save with a hubcap.

Jerry Jarrett answers Bob Armstrong’s earlier promo, reading a poem from Rudyard Kipling that he gave to his son, Jeff, a long time ago.  He warns that everyone is heading for an unforgiving time.

Randy Hales, who is also doing this broadcast despite being fired, interviews Jeff Jarrett.  Jeff says that his dad will be watching his back when he faces Jesse James Armstrong again in Memphis.

USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship Match:  Tex Slazenger (2-1) beats Brian Christopher (41-16-6) after using a cowbell to win the title at 3:03 shown:

The title has been held-up since the last two matches between these two have had relatively inconclusive finishes.  Christopher tries to use his smaller frame to maneuver around Slazenger, but it does not take long for Jesse James Armstrong to appear and interfere.  As Armstrong distracts the referee, Slazenger nails Christopher with a cowbell and Armstrong pushes Christopher’s foot off the bottom rope as the winning fall is counted.  Rating:  ¼*

Richard Lee tells the crowd that Doug Gilbert better be prepared to take a whipping from Moondog Cujo.

Doug Gilbert (24-14-4) beats Moondog Cujo (w/Richard Lee) (3-1-1) after heel miscommunication at 5:29:

The hard-hitting feud between these two would have played well a decade earlier but the Moondog gimmick just looks silly for a mid-1990s promotion, even when compared with what the cartoonish WWF was producing at the time.  Cujo uses his bigger frame to wear Gilbert down in the beginning, but Gilbert mounts a comeback after a Cujo blind charge.  After Cujo kicks out of a DDT at two, Lee hops on the apron but when he swings a chair, heel miscommunication results and Gilbert wins.  Rating:  **

After the match, Lee throws powder in Gilbert’s eyes and Cujo beats on him with a chair until PG-13 and Brian Christopher make the save.

The Last Word:  This was a star packed card relative to other episodes of USWA Championship Wrestling.  Bob Armstrong did some good promo work as did Jeff Jarrett, who outshines all of the other talent that are working in the company.  The USWA cannot help but hot shot angles, so billing a third “winner-take-all” match in as many weeks between Jarrett and Jesse James Armstrong seems like overkill.

The USWA returned to its normal Monday night slot at the Mid-South Coliseum on November 27 and attendance suffered again, with less than half of the number of fans coming to the show than the previous week.  According to prowrestlinghistory.com, 520 fans paid a gate of $4,100 to see the following card:

-Pat Tanaka (3-9-2) beat Steven Dunn (18-6-4)

-Tasha Simone (2-1) beat USWA Women’s Champion Miss Texas (17-9-1) via disqualification

-Moondog Cujo (3-2-1) defeated Cory Williams

-PG-13 (47-20-3) beat Tracy Smothers & the Smoky Mountain Massacre in a “loser leaves town” match when J.C. Ice pinned the Massacre.  As a result of the match, the Massacre had to leave the USWA.

-Brian Christopher (41-17-6) defeated USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Tex Slazenger (3-1) to win the title.

-Jerry Lawler (24-6) beat SMW Champion Brad Armstrong (1-2) via disqualification

-Jeff Jarrett (1-1) beat Jesse James Armstrong (8-7) in a “winner-take-all” match.  After Jarrett’s win, his father, Jerry, reinstated Lance Russell.

Backstage News*:        SMW has ceased operations as of November 26, but the USWA plans to continue the invasion angle.  The promotion is billing Brad Armstrong as the SMW Champion, but Armstrong lost the title to Tommy Rich in the waning days of the company.

*Some are chalking up the poor attendance in Memphis on November 27 to running a far-fetched story as very few fans believed that Jerry Jarrett was going to lose his home to Bob Armstrong.

*The USWA is having to deal with some major injuries in recent days as Jerry Lawler injured his ankle in Memphis against Brad Armstrong and could be out for up to six weeks.  Also, Doug Gilbert took a bad bump in Memphis against Moondog Cujo on November 22 and is on the injured list.

*Backstage news was provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for December 4.

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