Legends shows

Do you think it's time for WWE to finally “Old Yeller” these Legends shows, they're all the same, Ron Simmons says damn, they all are shown backstage which is WWE's way of saying  “Hey remember these guys” doing goofy backstage skits, Hogan doing his 80's schtick and Flair being made into a sad pathetic old man just gets sadder to watch every year, trotting Goldberg out giving him a main event push hoping he can pop a rating that never happens and we've been relegated to having Alicia Fox and Melina as “legends” which is about as laughable as the chick saying Alicia Fox vs Melina was her favorite match.  I dunno, I'm of the belief that if you put on a good solid wrestling show without stupid talk shows, horrible scripted promos and lame ass skits it just might get people to watch.

Just wait until this current batch of legends are gone.  Who's gonna be dragged out of mothballs to pop a one week rating after Flair and Hogan can't do it anymore?  Bull Buchanan?  Do you think Brock Lesnar is gonna lower himself to that s--- once he retires?  Highly unlikely.