What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – October 14, 1995

Chip Kessler and Les Thatcher are calling the action, originating from Caywood High School in Harlan, Kentucky.  According to prowrestlinghistory.com, the taping, which took place on October 9, drew a small crowd of 200 fans.

Opening Contest:  Buddy Landel (16-13-1) beats Larry Santo via submission to the figure-four leg lock at 2:49:

Although the crowd is small, Landel gets a huge reaction when he comes out for this opening match.  After long feeling out period, Landel knocks Santo down, drops the corkscrew elbow, and wins with the figure-four.

The Dirty White Boy says that no one is coming to Landel’s aid or wanting to team with him because of all the bad things he did in the past.  He claims that Landel has not earned enough respect to get help yet.

After recapping how SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies beat the THUGS last week, Thatcher interviews the THUGS.  Tracy Smothers get flustered while hyping a double chain match against the Bodies in Johnson City on October 28.  Smothers announces that Robert Gibson will be the special guest referee for that match against the Bodies.  Gibson joins the segment, promising that justice will be served in the match.

Thatcher talks with Landel, who mocks Tommy Rich before arguing that Rich is not the man he is.  Landel then hypes the Faces of Fear matches the two are going to have to end the month.

Flash Flanagan pins Tommy Rich (w/Jim Cornette) (6-1) with a schoolboy roll up at 4:10:

Thatcher notes that Cornette’s Militia is falling apart because Al Snow and Unabom are not around anymore.  That parallels the promotion’s decline as its talent roster is shrinking considerably with each passing month.  Flanagan is a good young talent with a good look.  He takes a beating from Rich for the better part of three minutes but after Rich hits the DDT, Buddy Landel comes out to serve as a distraction, allowing Flanagan to use a schoolboy for the upset.

Thatcher interviews Rich and Cornette.  Thatcher pokes fun at Rich’s loss, who is incensed about Landel’s interference and complains about Landel stealing his ring jacket.  He vows to end Landel as Cornette promises a rematch between Flanagan and Rich next week.

The Punisher (w/Jim Cornette) (4-1) beats Ron Davis with a flying leg drop at 1:20:

The Punisher puts on an impressive athletic display with his finisher, going almost all the way across the ring when delivering the flying leg drop.

SMW Champion Brad Armstrong is the guest this week for Chip Kessler’s “Kessler’s Korner.”  Armstrong stumbles badly to start the promo where he says that his father is laid up but will call into next week’s show.  He tells Terry Gordy that he is going down in the Trick or Treat match in Knoxville and he will take pleasure in lashing him ten times.

Terry Gordy, Jim Cornette, and the Headbangers do a backstage promo where Gordy calls Armstrong “a perverted, egg sucking, dog boy” who better get ready to hand him the SMW title after they face off in Knoxville.  The Headbangers act out of it as per usual, with Thrasher looking forward to facing Armstrong in today’s main event.

Non-Title Match:  Brad Armstrong (SMW Champion) (11-1) defeats Thrasher (w/Mosh) with a side Russian leg sweep at 7:37:

Kessler makes one of the most idiotic observations I have ever heard a play-by-play guy make, arguing that it is good that the Headbangers silenced their boombox because otherwise Armstrong would go deaf and would lose his title because of that.  Thrasher gets in a surprising amount of offense on the champion, but a missed flying elbow drop allows Armstrong to make the comeback.  Mosh tries to help his partner, but heel miscommunication allows Armstrong to get the win.  Rating:  **

After the match, Mosh attacks Armstrong until the Wolfman makes the save with some weak punches.  However, Terry Gordy gives the heels a three-on-two advantage and he whips the Wolfman with a belt as Mosh holds him in place.  Armstrong gets the same treatment to end the segment.

SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette talk with Thatcher.  Cornette makes the outlandish claim that no one could beat the Bodies in the WWF before pivoting to talk about a street fight the Bodies will have against the THUGS in Knoxville.  Dr. Tom Prichard makes fun of the audience and the THUGS looks.  The segment starts to overstay its welcome so the THUGS attack and the Dirty White Boy tries to get Prichard’s boot off as Thatcher hilariously tries to get across the matches on next week’s broadcast – despite the fact that there is a four-way brawl happening just two feet from him – before the broadcast goes off the air.

Tune in next week to see Robert Gibson face Mosh!  Also, Tommy Rich faces Flash Flanagan!

The Last Word:  This was a good show with a serviceable main event and the outcome of the Tommy Rich-Flash Flanagan match made for fun viewing.  However, the fact that SMW is running Rich-Flanagan 2.0 next week speaks volumes about how the talent well is drying up.

SMW tried to head farther north during mid-October.  Despite reports in The Wrestling Observer, Japanese talent Koji Kitao did not join the company in Ohio.  The promotion also had to cancel a second planned Ohio show in Lima that was scheduled for October 15.  Here were the results of some of SMW’s weekend house shows, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Oneida, Kentucky – Oneida Baptist Institute – October 13, 1995 (250):  Killer Kyle pinned Chris Michaels…SMW Champion Brad Armstrong beat Terry Gordy…The Dirty White Boy & Robert Gibson beat the Headbangers…Buddy Landel wrestled Tommy Rich to a double count out…Buddy Landel won a battle royal.

Defiance, Ohio – Defiance High School – October 14, 1995 (200):  Bobo Brazil, Jr. beat Andy Shane…Robert Gibson pinned K.C. Thunder…D’Lo Brown pinned the Dirty White Boy…Buddy Landel beat Tommy Rich…SMW Champion Brad Armstrong pinned Al Snow…K.C. Thunder won a battle royal.

Backstage News*:        The reason for Flash Flanagan beating Tommy Rich on television is that SMW is going to make him a regular talent.  In other talent relations news, Ricky Morton has reportedly been making calls to Robert Gibson to reform the Rock N’ Roll Express and mend fences.  Also, the Gangstas have inquiry about returning to the company because of backstage issues in ECW.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for October 23.

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