Any good recent Royal Rumbles out there?

Greeting Scott,

I stopped watching the WWE somewhere in 2004, during the nearly one year long awful JBL reign and came back in 2018, when AJ Styles was the champ.

That makes about 15 Royal Rumbles I haven’t watch and know not a lot about. With the 2021 Royal Rumble around the corner, I feel like watching a couple of them on the Network in the next few days.

Is there any classics, memorable or five stars Rumbles during the 2004-2018 period I should go out of my way and watch? Any recommandation by you or your readers?

I'm a big fan of 2010, which features CM Punk dominating the match, plus Shawn Michaels going on one last tear, and a surprise winner.  I gave it the full five stars.