Worst Lightning Round

Salutations. We haven't had lightning rounds in a while, so happy new year…

Worst Network Edit of Music: Hillbilly Jim or Rick Rude
Hillbilly Jim's is just annoying but Rude's new “music” actively makes my ears bleed. 

Worst Money Mark: Herb Abrams or Dixie Carter's Dad's Account
Sadly Dixie wasted far more money than Herb ever did. 

Worst WCW Champion: Vince Russo or David Arquette
At least you could sort of understand what they were going for with Arquette. 

Worst Gimmick PPV: Uncensored or TLC
TLC because it's so bland and such a dull pastiche of other, better, gimmick PPVs.  At least Uncensored had the balls to be what it wanted. 

Worst Battle Royale Finish: “Wait, he wasn't eliminated!” or “All of them”
There's been some good battle royale finishes.  “He wasn't eliminated!” was one of them.  ONE TIME.  Now, not so much. 

Worst of all Time: Dino Bravo or Joey Marella

Boy you just love poking the bear, don't you?  Look, it's humiliating enough for poor Dino Bravo Sucks to have his whole deal collapsing around him under the weight of overwhelming blog sentiment as it is without trolling him like this, just because his guy is clearly only the second worst because he even sucks at being the worst.  Have some compassion.