Saving Dean Douglas

After he came up in the “Professionalism” thread yesterday, I gave this far too much thought at work and here's what I got.

First off, don't call him Dean. Is that his job title, or first name? He's already been Shane Douglas in the WWF, just call him Shane Douglas. Put over his apparently not too shabby stint from a few years before and say he's been away getting his degree from College University or some such. They can fabricate a whole school and accredited areas of expertise if they like, why not? Go all out. Have the 1-2-3 Kid align with him and upgrade to Mr. 1-2-3, an evil math teacher. Give Douglas a WWF version of the Triple Threat with Kid and someone else (Razor? Backlund? I don't know), and call THAT the Board of Education. He can still hit people with an actual board if he must.

It was a very slow day.

At least Wrestle Kingdom was good, I hear.