What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – September 26, 1995

Highlights of the Pitbulls winning the ECW tag team titles from Raven and Stevie Richards at Gangstas Paradise air.  After, the Pitbulls and Francine brag about winning the titles and Richards woman.

Joey Styles announces that the Pitbulls will defend the ECW Tag Team Championship against Raven and Richards on October 7 at the ECW Arena.  The match will feature dual special guest referees.

Lance Wright notes that the two referees will be Bill Alfonso and ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon.  Gordon promises to be fair, while Alfonso, wearing a cervical collar, promises to get revenge for what 911 did to him.  Gordon tells Alfonso to get out of his face or face a beating, which Alfonso turns brilliantly into Gordon wanting to beat up a poor, defenseless man.

Raven and Stevie Richards cut a promo in a supply closet.  Raven says that the Pitbulls are only champions because of the help of Gordon, 911, and Tommy Dreamer.  Richards says that the former champions took the best the Pitbulls had to offer and they are still standing.  Another stipulation is added to the match as 911 and Big Dick Dudley will be lumberjacks.  Raven promises to superbomb each of the Pitbulls through a table in the rematch.

Styles says that J.T. Smith thinks he is an honorary Italian because he has been receiving tutelage from Val Puccio.

The Hack Myers-Smith match from Gangstas Paradise is shown.

Television Champion 2 Cold Scorpio promises to smoke Taz when they meet again.

Styles discusses how Scorpio got the Eliminators for Gangstas Paradise to take out Taz, with the bounty being paid to the Eliminators manager, Jason.  This sets up the showing of the six-man tag team match between Jason and the Eliminators and Taz and the Steiner Brothers.  Sadly, it is clipped just like the video cassette.

Scott Steiner foreshadows his promo greatness as a singles by cracking Taz up when he runs down “feminine wrestlers” like Johnny B. Badd, Goldust, and Shawn Michaels and saying that he needs to beat up Jason so that Jason can go wrestle those men for the “intergendercontinental championship.”  Taz promises to stand alone against Jason, dedicating the match on October 7 to the Steiner Brothers.

After showing footage of Mikey Whipwreck pinning ECW Champion the Sandman at Wrestlepalooza ’95, the Sandman and Woman cut a promo.  The Sandman and Woman say that Whipwreck is not man enough to be champion.

Beulah McGillicutty interrupts a Lance Wright hype segment, distracting him from doing his job.

The fun Rey Misterio, Jr.-Psicosis match at Gangstas Paradise airs.

The Steve Austin debut segment from Gangstas Paradise where Austin acts like Hulk Hogan closes the show.

The Last Word:  There was a lot on this show that is historically significant, starting with the Rey Misterio, Jr.-Psicosis match that would have blown the minds of most American wrestling fans in 1995.  Then, Steve Austin’s debut airs for a nationwide audience to close the show, helping Austin transition away from the “Stunning Steve” persona he was famous for in WCW and start building the character that would later make him famous in the WWF by late 1996.  This was a well-produced show that gave a much of the roster short, but effective, television exposure, something the promotion needed as Hardcore TV kept picking up new airtimes and markets.

Backstage News*:        It is unlikely that Sabu will reappear in ECW anytime soon as he is working for Dennis Coraluzzo, an enemy of ECW, on October 28.  Paul Heyman has been adamant that anyone that works for Coraluzzo is not welcome at the ECW Arena.  Sabu reportedly has a WCW contract but has not signed it.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for October 9.

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