Hi Scott, just watched some WCW stuff, and I always wondered the following: if a worker has bad relationships with many promoters, let's say Hogan in his WCW run (hated Watts and Scott. Had a disruptive bad relationship with VKM and Gagne), isn't that a sign of unprofessional behavior? Not that the promoters are free of guilt, but shouldn't workers rather leave on good terms? Especially the ones that made massive profits and gained a ton of popularity like Hogan then, or let's say Moxley or Miro now (just examples of guys shitting on the promoter that helped them become household names in the biz)? Compare that to other forms of sports and entertainment. What is your opinion?

When have promoters EVER been concerned with doing anything but treating talent like circus animals and discarding them when they’re done?  I was watching Dark Side with Dr D as the subject, and one of the fascinating cases was Eddy Mansfield who is admittedly considered kind of a piece of s--- by everyone who worked with him at the time.  But he did make a valid point, in that why are they “protecting Kayfabe” and bending over backwards for the promoters who pay them pennies on the dollar for crowds they drew?  Well not Mansfield but actual hypothetical popular wrestlers.