PPVs that are so bad they’re good

Hey Scott,


Just wondering what your favorite so-bad-they’re-good PPVs are?


For me, it’s WCW Uncensored 1995 and Women of Wrestling: Unleashed. Uncensored ’95 is just a trainwreck of a show with awful gimmick matches (King of the Road, anyone?), painfully bad booking (Savage winning a no-DQ match by DQ; Hogan defeating Vader in a strap match by dragging Ric Flair to all four corners) and hilarious blooper moments (Mike Tenay cutting Sherri off mid-sentence during her promo). WoW: Unleashed is just full of the worst gimmicks imaginable (a one-eyed cheerleader, for example) and is the PPV equivalent to The Room.


What say you?

Gotta be the UWF Blackjack Brawl, which had competent workers but was literally booked by a moron who was high on coke and acted as a primer in how to make the worst possible show with a decent roster.