July 29th ‘96 Nitro

Hey Scott,

I’ve been working my way through WCW on the network, having never had access to it before, as you may of noticed due my WCW questions gradually moving through the years.

On the 29/07/96 Nitro, they do the big beat down by the NWO and the whole selling of it from the way it is shot, spoken about and sold from the wrestlers (Women especially was great and Heenan a little later) is just so much more realistic than what WWE does now, I hate to harp on about it but every time WWE do it, it’s so over produced that it takes you out of the moment. After the attack by NWO they literally bring the show to a halt for 20 minutes, but not in a boring way.

WWE would massively benefit from less production and more in the moment type of presentation.

There’s no wonder WCW went mental around this time, hot take I know.

Sorry not really a question more an observation.

Have a great holidays and hopefully we all have a much better 2021.

They could do with stealing a lot of ideas from Nitro.