Dark order…faces?

Seriously…how will anyone boo the dark order (especially John silver) after his week? Should AEW just redeem them under Adam Page’s leadership and make the all full blown baby faces? 

Where do they go with the group? Sure Colt had his own thing with the group, but what position do they put them in going forward…

What are your thoughts, Scott?

I say go with them as the plucky underdog babyfaces in the role that the Jurassic Express was kind of trying for but could never pull off properly.  The best idea I've heard pitched is Page taking over the job as leader for the group and getting his confidence back with their help, while at the same time showing the group that they never needed a leader in the first place and giving THEM confidence without one.  
John Silver, though, is gonna be a top level babyface really soon now.  He's ready to break out and I hope they pull the trigger on him soon.