Best Pillman Match


Reading your Observer flashback talking about the greatness of Brian Pillman got me thinking. What do you consider Pillman's best match? I think the only five star match you rated him in was the Canadian Stampede ten man tag, but what so you consider his best work. Liger at Superbrawl II? War Games 91? Him and Zenk vs. Midnight Express? Some Stampede match most Americans never saw?

Happy new year!

He was a different type of worker in Stampede and didn't have a lot of “great” matches there, mostly acting as the hot tag guy to give Bruce Hart another run as part of a top tag team.  That's why I never saw much potential for greatness in him when he jumped to WCW, oddly enough.  I think the Midnight matches were fantastic, but really it was the Liger matches that made me realize he was a top level player in the making.