Hogan/Sting Starrcade 97….Poetic Justice?

Now obviously we all know how shitty Starrcade 97 was and especially the tragedy that was the long anticipated Hogan/Sting match. It was clearly just a case of Hogan being an ego maniac, management not having the balls to reign him in and Sting probably being
TOO much of a company man perhaps. No way the match should have played out like it did with the wet fart “twists” and what not. However being that it did is it possible to look at this in a positive light? Perhaps they even could have spun this a different
way after the match instead of just putting their collective hands in their ears. Let me explain. The nWo and especially Hogan won most of the time and pretty much always through nefarious cheating ways. Well what if they played it out that Patrick didn't
“screw” Sting but rather the fix was in against HOGAN and yeah it was a screwjob but so bloody WHAT? This was exactly what the nWo deserved. Getting a tasted of their own medicine. How many times had a WCW guy had the match won only for interference to cost
them the match/title or a dq? How many times had a WCW guy won only for Bischoff to “turn over the decision” the next night? By Hogan getting the win but WCW officials being like “f--- you OUR guy is walking away with the belt this time, assholes” it was revenge
and catharsis for all the s--- nWo had done to WCW and​ Bret Hart having just been screwed over. Poetic justice!

I mean yes in the real world it is what it is and we all know Sting should have just beat the living s--- out of Hogan and beat him clean in about 5 minutes. Simple. No Bret Hart/shenanigans needed. But being it went down the way it did maybe looking at it
with the “yeah we cheated, how does it feel chumps?” perspective it makes Sting's title win/WCW's big moment not SO acrid and maybe even poetic in a mean Game Of Thrones sort of way???

That defeats the purpose of the good guy waiting to get his revenge though. Sting was a good guy who didn’t cheat.  That’s what makes beating the cheater all the sweeter.