Baby Doll, Brain & JJ

Hi Scott,

1. Why was JJ in the 4 Horsemen? You literally have 4 of the best talkers in wrestling in one group. He didn't seem to serve any purpose & seemed better suited for a mid-card manager slot ala Slick.

2. Similarly, do you feel Brain was best served as the manager of guys like Flair, Perfect, Rude, and a bunch of other guys had no problems on the mic? I get Andre, since he had been a face for so long and he wasn't a great talker but some of these guys seemed like better uses for his talent.

3. Was there ANY point for Baby Doll? She wasn't attractive; served no point as a face manager; couldn't talk & had the charisma of roadkill. If JCP had a women's division MAYBE I could see a place for her, but as it is, I do not get it in the least.


1.  JJ brought the group prestige and class.  And if Flair needed someone to dress up as a woman to distract Ron Garvin, he had that going on too.  
2.  Same with Bobby.  Tell me Perfect didn’t instantly become a bigger star with Brain instead of the Genius.  
3.  I hear she had incriminating photos of Dusty Rhodes.