What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – October 7, 1995

A replay of Buddy Landel being brutalized by Jim Cornette’s Militia on last week’s program is shown.

Chip Kessler and Les Thatcher are calling the action and are wrapping up the taping from Cookeville, Tennessee.

Opening Contest:  Chris Michaels defeats Larry Santo with a small package at 1:34:

Michaels struggles against the long-time SMW jobber, something that Kessler and Thatcher chalk up to his youth and inexperience.  It is unclear why fans would even want to root for Michaels since Robert Gibson tossed him aside as a tag team partner last week because he could not get the job done.

After replaying the beating of Bob Armstrong at the end of last week’s show.

Tommy Noe goes over the stipulations for the Trick or Treat match on the Halloween Scream Tour.  That match will pit Brad Armstrong and the Wolfman against Terry Gordy and Thrasher.  If Armstrong takes the fall in the match, Gordy will win the SMW Championship.  If Thrasher eats the fall, Gordy and Thrasher will shave their heads.  If Gordy loses, Armstrong will be able to give him ten lashes with a leather strap.  And if the Wolfman loses, he has to throw $1,000 into the crowd.

Thatcher interviews Armstrong and the Wolfman.  The Wolfman tells Armstrong he will do his best, but he is worried about the stipulations because he does not have $1,000 to give out.  Armstrong puts over the Wolfman’s guts and says he is proud to have him as a partner.  Then Armstrong turns his attention to Gordy, vowing revenge for the beatdown of his father last week.

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Tommy Rich (w/Jim Cornette & the Punisher) (5-1) beats Robert Gibson (2-1-1) after using a chain at 5:08:

Rich and Gibson go through some basic moves before Rich tries to use a chain.  Gibson is able to knock it out of his hands but when he goes to use it, referee Mark Curtis grabs it and wins a tug-of-war with Gibson.  Rich is tossed another chain from Cornette and Gibson avoids another blow and sends Rich into the ropes after an atomic drop, but Rich rebounds off those ropes and nails him to stay strong for his future match against Buddy Landel.  Rating:  *

After reviewing events on last week’s show involving he and the Militia, Landel tells Kessler that he helped Commissioner Bob Armstrong design the Four Faces of Fear challenge.  The matches were designed to prevent Tommy Rich from running away, which he has been doing on the house show circuit.  Landel says that Cornette intensified their feud by pouring alcohol down his throat last week.

The THUGS vow to leave the Heavenly Bodies a bloody mess on the house show circuit.  It is then announced that they will face the Bodies for the tag team titles in a street fight in Johnson City, Tennessee on October 28.

The Headbangers (5-1) defeat the Wolfman & Ron Davis when Thrasher pins Davis after the Stage Dive at 1:52:

The Wolfman shows more fire than usual because he is now booked as part of a semi-main event at the end of the month but the Headbangers eventually wear him down.  As expected, Davis eats the pin.  The Headbangers are coming along nicely as a team but they are the awkward third wheel in a small tag team division.

Jim Cornette, Terry Gordy, and the Headbangers cut a promo for the Trick or Treat match.  The Headbangers act crazy while Cornette says that the Militia’s objective is to beat Brad Armstrong so Gordy can become the SMW Champion.  Cornette is baffled that the Headbangers have no interest in being in the SMW title picture.

Thatcher talks with the THUGS, who claim that the SMW Tag Team Championship belongs to them.  Robert Gibson interrupts the interview saying that he is tired of being a singles wrestler and wants to get back into tag teams, asking if the Dirty White Boy or Tracy Smothers will team with him.  The White Boy gives Gibson a pep talk to be a better singles wrestler and the THUGS head to the ring.

SMW Tag Team Championship Match:  The Heavenly Bodies (Champions w/Jim Cornette & the Punisher) (4-1-1) beat the THUGS (10-3) when Jimmy del Ray pins Tracy Smothers after Dr. Tom Prichard hits Smothers with a loaded boot at 8:32:

As they promised to do last week, the THUGS work over Dr. Tom Prichard’s right foot that contains the loaded boot.  Sadly, that gets lost when Prichard tags in following a hot tag to the Dirty White Boy.  As all hell breaks loose, referee Mark Curtis is knocked to the floor and is unable to count visual pins that the THUGS get when the White Boy plants del Ray with the Bucksnort Blaster or when Smothers catches Prichard with a spinning elbow smash off the top rope.  The Punisher is able to distract the White Boy long enough to allow the Bodies to double team Smothers, who they finish off when Prichard uses the loaded boot.  There was great action in this one, with these teams continuing their run of good matches.  Rating:  ***

Thatcher talks with the THUGS, who are not happy that they have fallen short of winning the tag team titles once again.  They call out Sandy Scott, demanding a better referee for a rematch against the Bodies.  Scott thinks that request is fair, and he will get them a guest referee for the Halloween Scream Tour.

Tune in next week to see who the Halloween Scream Tour referee will be!

The Last Word:  The main event was a fun tag team match, providing a reason for continuing the Heavenly Bodies-THUGS feud over the tag team titles.  The Trick or Treat match appears to be a vehicle to get the SMW Championship on Terry Gordy, which would then give Brad Armstrong a reason to chase after the title since he never lost it in a singles match.  At least SMW can be applauded for making the pairings for that match seem random since the Wolfman got mixed in with one of the Headbangers.

SMW swung through Eastern Kentucky in early October to set up a new television taping in Harlan, Kentucky on October 9.  Here were the results of some of those shows, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Paintsville, Kentucky – Paintsville High School – October 6, 1995 (400):  Bobby Blayze pinned Mosh…SMW Champion Brad Armstrong beat the Punisher…SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies defeated the Dirty White Boy & Robert Gibson…Buddy Landel wrestled Tommy Rich to a double count out.

Barbourville, Kentucky – Knox Central High School – October 7, 1995 (500):  Chris Michaels pinned Thrasher…The Punisher beat Robert Gibson…Terry Gordy defeated SMW Champion Brad Armstrong via disqualification…Buddy Landel wrestled Tommy Rich to a double count out…SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies defeated the THUGS.

Backstage News*:        In talent relations news, SMW is going to bring in Jos LeDuc for Thanksgiving weekend.  The plan is to team him with Buddy Landel to face Cornette’s Militia.  Other talents that might be brought in include midget wrestler Butch Cassidy and Sergeant Rock.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for October 16.

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