The SmarK Rant for AEW Dynamite – 12.30.20

The SmarK Rant for AEW Dynamite 12.30.20

Live from Jacksonville, FL

Your hosts are Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur, plus LE CHAMPION.

We start with a 10 bell salute from the roster for the “Celebration of Life”.

Jon Moxley talks about how 2020 has been a soccer kick to the face over and over, with Brodie Lee’s death in particular hitting the business hard.

Matt Hardy & Private Party v. The Young Bucks & Colt Cabana

Kassidy tries some flips to evade Colt but he gets facelocked and taken down.  Over to Quen, and the Bucks double-team him with some wacky stuff, then put the Hardy Party on the floor and follow with a dive.  Colt adds his own moonsault onto the pile.  “The red rimmed eyes are gone, he’s whipping some ass tonight!” notes Chris.  Back in, Private Party uses some “fancy pants flim flam” on Nick to work him over in the corner, but the Bucks regroup and Matt runs wild with a spear onto Matt Hardy and Kassidy on the floor.  But Quen attacks from behind  and they trap Matt in the corner as Quen cuts off the ring and gets a dropkick for two.  Quen with an atomic drop into an enzuigiri from Kassidy, but every time Hardy comes in he blows it and Matt hits him with a crossbody off a missed charge.  Hardy manages a Side Effect, but walks into a Twist of Fate from Matt Jackson, and Colt Cabana takes the hot tag tonight.  Colt runs wild with elbows and a flying headscissors on Quen, leading to a victory roll on Kassidy for two.  Hardy necks him, however, and Kassidy gets two to take over again.  Quen comes in with a high cross for two, but Hardy directs traffic and tries to set up Private Party for stereo splashes, and fails at that as well.  Nick hits Quen with a top rope rana, but Hardy takes out Colt and throws him into the heaters at ringside.  Nick cleans house one more time, but walks into Gin & Juice, then a Twist of Fate, and then two sentons from Private Party, but Colt makes the save at two.  The crowd was getting ready to be upset about that one.  Hardy wants to use a chair, but Colt takes him out.  Private Party set up Gin & Juice on Colt, but the Bucks break that up, hit Quen with an Indytaker, and Colt gets the winning pin at 13:22.  The Acclaimed come out and threaten to cut a salty rap about “all this Dark Order stuff”, but SCU takes them out and Colt puts them down with elbows.

Stu Grayson, Lance Archer & Evil Uno v. Eddie Kingston, The Butcher & The Blade

Lance Archer is doing the Luke Harper tribute tonight with jeans and wife-beater, and a donnybrook erupts right away.  Eddie endears himself to the crowd by noting that he loved Brodie but the Dark Order is nothing without him.  Uncalled for.  So the Hawk Order triple-team him and take turns suplexing each other onto him, before Stu stomps Eddie down in the corner.  Bunny trips up Stu, however, and Butcher hits a lariat to take over.  Blade hits a powerslam for two, but Stu comes back with a Truckstop Slam and we take a break.  Back with Kingston working Uno’s arm before they slug it out and exchange slaps, and Uno puts him down with a half nelson suplex.  Lance Archer gets a hot tag and destroys Blade with a chokeslam and an elbow in the corner, into the ropewalk moonsault.  Butcher comes in and slugs it out with Archer, but Lance pounces him and then hits a frog splash on Blade for two.  Kingston dumps Archer and they triple-team Grayson, with Kingston hitting a DDT for two, complete with arrogant cover.  Oh this guy is so getting his tonight.  Stu fights back and brings Lance in to clean house again, and the Dark Order finish Blade with the Fatality at 10:00.  This was a really fun slobberknocker.  And then Jake Roberts gives Eddie Kingston a short clothesline, since he likely can’t go down for a DDT.

Next up, people discuss how much Brodie loved his family.

Hangman Page, John Silver & Alex Reynolds v. MJF, Santana & Ortiz

John Silver gets to wear the Brodie Lee gear tonight, and he bloody well get better get the pin on MJF here.  MJF is also an honorary Puerto Rican tonight.  The Dark Order throws PAPERS at the Inner Circle in a BTE reference, so Maxwell goes outside and yells at Brodie Lee Jr, so we know who’s taking the fall soon.  “Is he the biggest asshole in the business?” wonders Tony in a clear rhetorical question.  Silver runs wild on Ortiz to start, but LAX double-teams him and Santana hits a crossbody and superkick on Silver.  Reynolds comes in with a sunset flip for one and drops elbows while Jericho makes Tony Garea references.  Santana with a neckbreaker out of the corner and they team up for a double suplex on Reynolds for two.  MJF stomps the arm for two, but Hangman gets a hot tag and hits MJF with a fallaway slam into the dive on Santana.  He sets up for the Buckshot Lariat, but the Inner Circle team up for a triple neckbreaker and MJF gets two.  We take a break and return with MJF yelling at Brodie Jr. AGAIN, so Page hits him with a big boot and brings in Johnny for the hot tag.  He hits LAX with corner clotheslines and tosses Ortiz into Santana, then tosses Santana and cannonballs him from the apron.  Back in with a crossbody on Ortiz and a powerbomb for two.  Santana rolls into a cutter, however, and it’s BREAKING LOOSE IN TULSA, as MJF sends Page into the corner.  Silver comes back with a Canadian Destroyer on MJF, however, and dives onto Santana, but MJF hits him with the Heatseeker and Ortiz follows with a powerbomb for two, as Reynolds makes the save.  Wardlow comes in and WAYLAYS Reynolds with a lariat, but Erick Rowan appears and makes the save!  Dark Order double-teams Ortiz and Hangman adds a lariat for two, but MJF saves and then steals Brodie Jr’s mask.  So the kid hits him with a well deserved kendo stick to the face, and we’re left with Silver and Ortiz, and Johnny finishes him off with the discus lariat at 12:42.  Oh man this match was everything I needed out of the show and then some.  This should have closed the show.  And then Erick Redbeard has a sign saying “Goodbye my brother” just to rip all of our hearts out a bit more.  I think this has basically turned John Silver into a babyface once and for all.

Penelope Ford & Dr. Britt Baker DMD v. Anna Jay & Tay Conti

Jay trades headlocks with Britt and goes for the sleeper right away, but Britt slips out and brings Ford in.  Conti comes in and trade strikes with Ford, then takes her down with a judo throw and a kick for two.  Baker cuts her off with a knee to the head and Ford gets a german suplex for two, however.  Tony, meanwhile, waxes poetic on wrestling weddings, and I have to think if they ever get there with this one, it’ll be epic silliness.  Rebel gets some interference on Conti as we take a break, and we return with Anna Jay getting the hot tag.  Neckbreaker on Britt and a rolling kick in the corner, but Penelope catches her from behind with a backstabber that goes not well.  Baker tries the neckbreaker, but Jay escapes with a head kick, and then takes too long paying tribute to Brodie and gets caught by Britt with the neckbreaker for two.  Ford comes in with a blockbuster for two, but her handspring lands in Anna’s sleeper and she’s out at 9:53.  Not great but everyone was trying hard.  So then Tony heads down for a word with Dr. Baker, who is claiming everything is RIGGED.  And then Thunder Rosa attacks her, which I wasn’t really into on this particular show.

NEXT WEEK:  We’re back on track with Kenny Omega defending against Rey Fenix, plus Cody Rhodes v. Matt Sydal and Wardlow v. Jake Hager.

Orange Cassidy, Cody Rhodes & 10 v. Ricky Starks, Brian Cage & Powerhouse Hobbs

Starks takes Cody down with a tackle, but Cody fights back and has to tag in 10 because Orange is too lazy to hold out his hand for a tag.  10 hits a slingshot german suplex onto Starks and it’s over to Hobbs, and he wants Orange.  Hobbs wants the test of strength, which Orange counters with pockets, and we take a break as Orange is throwing some vicious shoulderblocks.  Back with Hobbs working him over with a delayed suplex, and then Cage comes in for his own.  Starks also wants one, but Orange flips out of it and gets his own suplex, but he’s unable to get away for a hot tag.  Finally after two attempts Cody comes in, but Cage hits him with a knee from the apron. 10 gets a hot tag of his own and runs wild with a powerslam on Starks and the Brodiebomb, but Starks comes back with a spear for two.  Orange comes in with a DDT on Starks, but Hobbs wallops him and then Cage hits Cody with a Flatliner.  10 saves with a pump kick on Cage, but Starks hits a DDT on 10 for two.  Taz grabs a chair, but so does Arn, and Orange hits the Punch on Starks, followed by a Crossroads from Cody, setting up a spinebuster from 10 for the pin at 12:09.  Hey, If Preston Vance is the kid’s favorite wrestler, who am I to argue?  I think the John Silver match should have closed the show, though.  At any rate, then the sore losers of Team Taz try for the beatdown to end the show, but Darby Allin and Sting chase them off.

Back from one last break, and we get an amazing Brodie Lee tribute video, complete with photos from WWE, and Tony Khan presents young Minus One with a “TNT champion for life” belt in his dad’s honor.

Such a classy and heartfelt tribute, with all the babyfaces going over and some heartbreaking words from his friends and colleagues.

RIP to Jon Huber.