Wade Keller re Bruce Mitchell/Jon Huber

Hi Scott,

I’d seen the article yesterday and thought it  was disrespectful, speculative, and heartless.

Today, there is a post from Wade Keller where Wade states that normal protocol was not followed, the article was not vetted in the normal way, and that Wade did not have the opportunity to see it before it was posted.  Wade said that the article did not
meet the standards of the Torch, and that he took it down.

Just passing this along for whatever it’s worth.  I don’t know the inner machinations of the Torch, but Mitchell’s article was low rent and I’m glad it’s down.  

Best wishes to you in the new year.  Glad that you continue on with the blog, as it provides a breathe of levity for many of us during a brutal year.

I haven’t read the article in question so I can’t really weigh in, but I know people were roasting him on social media.