What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – September 19, 1995

In another great promo, Cactus Jack begs Tommy Dreamer not to go down the path of being a hardcore icon.  He recalls when Terry Funk sliced him with a bottle and when he looked at the crowd there was a sign that read “Cane Dewey.”  Seeing that broke his heart because it was an attack on his family.  Jack also regrets giving up a $100,000 contract in WCW to work for a promotion run out of a scummy pawn shop, a switch motivated by his hardcore dream.  He emphasizes that he is going after Dreamer because he loves him, not because he hates him, and it really hurts him that Dreamer turned down an offer from WCW to keep wrestling for the ECW faithful.

After revisiting the Pitbulls promo on last week’s program, Joey Styles tells fans that Big Dick Dudley was run over by a semi-truck that fractured his kneecap and broke his leg.  Dudley Dudley says Big Dick needed “total reconstructive surgery” as Big Dick growls and fiercely stares into the camera.

Tommy Dreamer says he is proud to be politically incorrect and Cactus Jack forgot what got him to where he is today.  Dreamer tells Jack that he is not going to let Jack insult ECW because of the sacrifices the talent make on a regular basis.  He warns Jack that he does not want to see his dark side, and he warns Raven he will keep coming after him as long as he is in ECW.

A music video puts over the Tommy Dreamer vs. Cactus Jack and Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven feuds.

Dudley Dudley, Big Dick Dudley, and Sign Guy Dudley introduce Dances With Dudley to their clan.  He was the byproduct of Daddy Dudley making regular visits to an Indian reservation.  Dances With Dudley cuts an excited promo in a foreign tongue until Big Dick growls at him.

The Raven & Stevie Richards-Pitbulls tag team title match from Gangstas Paradise is shown.

The Last Word:  This was a successful show in letting fans see how the Raven & Stevie Richards-Pitbulls and 911-Bill Alfonso angles played out at Gangstas Paradise while also continuing to build the feuds between Tommy Dreamer and Cactus Jack and Dreamer and Raven.  Dreamer did his best in his promo, but it was nowhere near Jack’s level, and their feud is inverting the usual wrestling trope of two men fighting because they hate each other.  Instead, Jack is trying to protect Dreamer from himself.

The week after Gangstas Paradise, ECW ran a house show in Middletown, New York.  Here are the results of that show, courtesy of thehistoryofwwe.com:

Middletown, New York – Sportsland Café – September 23, 1995 (800):  Primo Carnera III beat Jason via knockout at 6:19…J.T. Smith defeated Rolling Thunder (Dino Sendoff) at 2:38…Cactus Jack pinned Hack Myers at 8:52…Television Champion 2 Cold Scorpio beat Tommy Dreamer at 16:34…The Steiner Brothers beat Raven & Stevie Richards when Rick pinned Richards at 8:42…ECW Tag Team Champions the Pitbulls beat Dances with Dudley & Dudley Dudley at 16:36…ECW Champion the Sandman pinned Mikey Whipwreck…The Gangstas beat the Public Enemy when Mustafa pinned Rock with a roll up after referee Bill Alfonso hit Rock and Grunge with a chair at 11:42.  Alfonso also hit ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon with a chair when he tried to stop Alfonso’s biased officiating.  911 was serving as a second special guest referee for the match but he went backstage after chokeslamming Mongo (the future Buh Buh Ray Dudley), who was Alfonso’s bodyguard.

Backstage News*:        Steve Austin will not be able to get int the ring for six more weeks because of a torn tricep injury suffered while wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling.  The only way for Austin to make a full-time living from ECW, though, would be for him to also secure a contract with All Japan.

*ECW has secured another TV deal, this time with the American One network.  It will carry Hardcore TV on Friday nights at seven o’clock.

*ECW will also be running shows at Casino Magic in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi starting on November 9.  The company’s trips there should be monthly, and they are also looking to visit Baton Rouge regularly.

*Mustafa was not charged for his conduct at the Philadelphia Travel Lodge.  Mustafa was not released from policy custody until it was too late to make the Gangstas Paradise show last week at the ECW Arena.

*In talent relations news, Mexican superstar La Parka may be brought in and debut on October 28.

*Backstage news was provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for October 2.

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