Favorite Wrestling Magazine Cover

Since you've been highlighting old PWI/WWF magazine covers in your daily news updates, do you have any personal favorites? I always liked the PWI one of Sting admiring the WCW title after winning it for the first time (“If This is a Dream, Don't Wake Me!”), Bret Hart posing with Bart Simpson dressed as Bret, and my personal favorite, the WWF RAW cover of Steve Austin at the '96 King of the Ring where Austin is shot in black and white but the blood on his face is bright red.

Yeah, the classic Hogan-Andre staredown issue of WWF Magazine is probably my personal favorite, just amazing composition and it really summed up the herculean task that Hogan had to undertake in one photo.  

Also, and I believe I've told this story a few times before, but PWI and the Apter mag family used to put Lex Luger on their covers ALL THE TIME before he even debuted on Crockett's main TV show, and my mom bought me one of the issues in late 86 for something to read when I was sick and as soon as I saw the guy on the front cover flexing like a superhero I instantly had to know who he was and where I could watch him wrestle. 

And PWI used to give in-depth coverage of Luger in Florida because it was like when DC Comics would put gorillas on comic covers in the 50s and 60s and it would pop a number every time.