Sunday Night Reset: December 27, 2020

Tennessee/Green Bay is your NFL Game of the Week.

I’ve spent the entire day trying to figure out what to say about Brodie Lee.  And I still don’t know if I’m coherent.  Obviously death is too strong a punishment for just about anyone, especially a wrestler.  But for it to be someone whom nobody, literally no one, has ever had a bad word to say and for it to be noted how no one has a bad word to say — it feels like Owen Hart all over again.  I know we as a fanbase have questions, but — and I wish Bruce Mitchell realized this — now is not the time for them.  People are still coming to grips who knew Jon Huber a million times better than we did.

We can mourn the loss of Brodie Lee and/or Luke Harper, and it is sad that someone we love never got to live the full life all human beings deserve by default.  But it’s important to know that to some people, he was Jon Huber, a human being, and for their sake we should let them say their peace and move on.  It doesn’t matter what the lung issue was, and if they say Covid wasn’t involved, it wasn’t involved and we have to accept that.  No amount of truthing is going to help anyone, and promoting alternate theories is disrespectful to his family and friends.

I was part of the DC “It’s Academic” scene in high school.  A captain of a rival team died in a car crash between junior and senior year.  It hurt that we lost someone we knew.  But when his team and family asked for distance about the situation, as much as I wanted to comfort them, I was told to respect it.  Our time to mourn was coming — their time was immediate.

I bring this up because, well, our time for comforting, mourning, and helping the Huber family as a fanbase is coming.  Right now, they are in mourning; they need time.  Let them have it.  That means you, Bruce, but it means not just those who would spread theories of alternate diagnoses and cover-ups in public.  We can share stories and help each other, sure.  And on Wednesday, the entire wrestling world can come together on the two shows he was bid for in Dynamite and NXT and we can mourn as a wrestling family.  But while Brodie Lee or Luke Harper was ours, Jon Huber was not.

I told you I was incoherent.  The bottom line is that… well, there’s levels of familiarity and levels of friendship.  I know we at the Blog of Doom are usually good at accepting this, but a reminder every now and then cannot hurt.  Send sympathies to the Huber family, yes, but don’t try to feel their pain or relate to them — I’m not sure how well it can be done.

Anyway, I’m sorry if none of that makes sense.  Let’s watch the Dark Order get a big win on Dark:

Enjoy the night.  I’ll be back Tuesday.

Thanks for the memories, Mr. Lee.