In memory of Jonathan Huber

Brodie Lee vs. Jimmy Olson for the NWA Upstate title in some god forsaken county fair:

 It was the single best Jimmy Olson vs. Brodie Lee match they ever had (amongst many, many matches they had together) and only a few of us got to see it that night. That night was the night I was taught that wrestling is more than a series of cool moves and I really began to fall in love with the discipline and craftsmanship of professional wrestling. 

I will never forget the encouragement he gave me when i was a weak, fat, 21 year old introvert. I know that he never knew this, but i did overhear him bugging Mike (the promoter) to let me be on th show and praising my hard work and dedication to training. Nothing was in it for him. He just wanted to help somebody that he thought could use it. He probably didn't know that I was too poor to buy wrestling shoes at the time, but Jonathan Huber was the kind of guy that would have looked past that in the first place. I just want everyone to know that no one is over romanticizing the character of Jonathan Huber now that he has passed. He really was a genuinely nice and gracious man and was so to me: the least athleticly gifted and clumsiest student to have ever passed through the Kayfabe Dojo in Rochester New York.

Huber, I'm sorry that I never got to properly thank you for the impression you made on my life in the short time I got to spend with you in 2005-2007. Thank you for teaching us all that the quality of what you do in life is so much more important than how long you do it.


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