Daily News Update – December 27, 2020

RIP Brodie Lee.  Just a few days ago it seems like we were talking about what a great ready-made feud they’d have by bringing him back from wherever he was to be all pissed off about what the Dark Order was turning into while he was gone.  And now he’s gone for good at 41.  Absolutely gutted me last night, and it’s a good thing I had already written my review of the Luger deal earlier in the day because I would have been in no mood at that point.  I think Brodie’s reveal as the Exalted One was one of the biggest moments in AEW’s short history to date, and the first huge broadside against WWE that showed they could compete and make something of someone that had been cast off.  His last run was great stuff and I was already missing having him on TV every week, and now even more so.

Man, 2020.  Enough already.  Stop the damn match, we’ve got families.

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