What the World Was Watching: USWA Championship Wrestling – November 11, 1995

Footage of Ahmed Johnson beating Jerry Lawler for the USWA Unified World Championship in Memphis is shown.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are in the booth, broadcasting from the WMC-TV5 studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Opening Contest:  Moondog Cujo (w/Richard Lee) (2-0) pins Charlie Laird after a powerslam in 24 seconds:

Like last week, Cujo charges the ring and catches the jobber off guard.  A powerslam finishes in short order.

After the bell, Cujo continues to beat up Laird as Lee says that they are going to go after Brian Christopher and the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship first and work their way up to Ahmed Johnson.

Footage of Bob Armstrong challenging Eddie Marlin at a show in Nashville, Tennessee airs.  When Marlin got the upper hand, Tracy Smothers, Jesse James Armstrong, Steven Dunn, and Downtown Bruno intervened and kept USWA talent at bay while Bob placed Marlin in a figure-four leg lock.

Marlin kept taking beats on the circuit as the next segment shows footage from Crenshaw, Mississippi, where Marlin was attacked by Jesse James Armstrong.  There are not a lot of fans in attendance so that does not reflect well on the USWA.

Russell interviews Jesse James Armstrong, with Bob Armstrong adding comments over the phone.  Bob says that he is tired of the USWA-SMW war because SMW has already beaten the finest wrestlers the USWA has to offer.  He proposes a winner-take-all match, but Russell dismisses that as a stupid idea.  Tracy Smothers, the Smoky Mountain Massacre, and Tex Slazenger walk out.  Slazengers says that he is gunning for Brian Christopher.

Tex Slazenger pins Tony Williams (2-2) with an inverted DDT at 1:57:

A former bouncer, Slazenger broke into the business with the help of Steve Keirn in 1989.  Two years into his career he showed up in Memphis, wrestled under a mask as Leatherface, and feuded with Jerry Lawler.  During that run he was also paired with Mark Canterbury.  The two would head to WCW in 1992 and worked as a midcard tag team until 1994.  While Canterbury was signed by the WWF and wrestled as Henry Godwinn, Slazenger went back to journeyman status, working some token matches on WCW Worldwide before coming back to Memphis.  Slazenger slowly works over Williams as the SMW faction eats cake by the announce table and he wins a poor squash with a inverted DDT.

The Smoky Mountain Massacre pins T.D. Steel after two splashes at 2:11:

The Massacre runs through a lot of power offense on Steel, but the squash drags as he takes his time setting up other moves.  An avalanche in the corner and two fat splashes put Steel down for the count.  The Massacre does not have a lot of heat, which might be due to his poor attire and the USWA undermining his scary monster appeal by having him eat cake earlier in the show.

A special package arrives for Jesse James Armstrong but when he goes to open it Jeff Jarrett pops out.  That gets a huge pop and Jarrett runs Armstrong out of the studio and into the parking lot.

Russell interviews Jarrett, who says that even though he has been gone to the WWF for the last two years he has not deserted the USWA.  He vows revenge for what Jesse James Armstrong and his crew have done to his grandfather Eddie Marlin, attributing all of the success that Armstrong has had in the wrestling business to him.  This was a great return promo that immediately positions Jarrett as the promotion’s top babyface.

PG-13 (46-19-3) defeat the Scorpion & the Yellow Jacket when J.C. Ice pins the Scorpion after Wolfie D tilt-a-whirl slams him on top of the Scorpion at 3:23:

The Yellow Jacket’s ongoing woes against PG-13 continue on this telecast.  Tracy Smothers runs down PG-13 on commentary during the squash, a match highlighted by the Jacket trying to do a pescado to Ice and wiping out his own teammate instead.

Brown talks with PG-13 after the former tag team champions run Smothers away from the announce table.  Ice says that he is not going to let SMW take over the USWA.

Russell and Brown discuss the strength and agility of new USWA Unified World Champion Ahmed Johnson.

Brown interviews USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Brian Christopher.  Christopher says he is happy that Jeff Jarrett is back to fight SMW.  He hypes a match this week in Memphis against Tex Slazenger, neglecting Moondog Cujo’s claims to be gunning for his belt.

The Last Word:  Jeff Jarrett’s return was the highlight of the show and he should help boost some of the houses in Memphis since he gives the promotion another big name.  Sadly, the rest of the show was not very good as it was littered with poor squashes.  And on a storyline level, the USWA-SMW feud is behind almost everything going on in the promotion but if fans were watching both companies some things would not make sense.  Tex Slazenger, Steven Dunn, nor the Smoky Mountain Massacre competed there so that dilutes the impact of this rebooted invasion angle.

Attendance nearly doubled at the Mid-South Coliseum on November 13 as 950 fans, 400 more than the previous week, paid a gate of $6,500 to see the following card.  The results are provided courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

-Steven Dunn (16-6-4) beat Tony Williams (2-3)

-USWA Women’s Champion Tasha Simone (1-0) beat Miss Texas (16-8-1) after Downtown Bruno interfered.

-Doug Gilbert (23-14-3) defeated Moondog Cujo (3-0) in a Moondog rules match

-Jesse James Armstrong & the Smoky Mountain Massacre (0-1) beat PG-13 (47-19-3) in a best-of-three falls match by winning the first two falls.  Due to pre-match stipulations, PG-13 cannot get another USWA tag team title shot for the next year.

-Tex Slazenger (1-0) beat USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Brian Christopher (40-15-6) via disqualification.  As a result of the match, the title was held-up.

-Jeff Jarrett pinned Jesse James Armstrong (7-6) in a “winner-take-all” match at 20:11.

-USWA Unified World Champion Ahmed Johnson (1-0) pinned Tracy Smothers (5-6) at 11:50

Backstage News*:        Even though Jeff Jarrett returned to the USWA, he is still under contract with the WWF.  Both sides are at a standstill in negotiation as the WWF wants Jarrett to return and is not releasing him from his contractual obligations.  Originally, the WWF was not going to let Jarrett work for the USWA, but they do not want to lose their ties to the territory due to their ongoing war with WCW.  However, Jarrett will not be allowed to go and work for WCW so long as he is under contract with the WWF.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for November 20.

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