NXT UK – December 24, 2020

Date: December 24, 2020
Host: Andy Shepherd

It’s a pretty special day and that means NXT UK is smart enough to know better than to try and run a regular show. Just like we had for months earlier this year, it’s a Best Of show and that’s the best option that they have. There are still some great matches to pick from and that is our Christmas present around here. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Andy is in a light up Roddy Piper sweater, because he should be. We aren’t wasting time as it’s off to our first match.

From NXT, January 15, 2020.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round: Broserweights vs. Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews

That would be Pete Dunne/Matt Riddle. Dunne and Andrews start but it’s a very early standoff to send us to a break. Back with Webster flipping out of Dunne’s German suplex but getting caught in a quick X Plex. Webster fights out of the corner, flips over Dunne and crawls underneath Riddle to get over to Andrews. The pace picks up with Andrews doing the double knee slide and backflipping into a double Pele.

Andrews and Webster hit the stereo flip dives, followed by the assisted 450 for two on Dunne back inside. Dunne punches Webster out of the air but Andres is there to break up….well there wouldn’t have been a tag anyway as Riddle was pulling himself back to the apron. A double stomp to the hands allows Riddle to come in and stereo kicks to the head get two on Andrews.

Riddle German suplexes Andrews for two and Dunne grabs an ankle lock to mix things up a bit. Andrews rolls out and hits a double stomp as we take another break. Back with Webster dropkicking Dunne to the floor, setting up the big flip dive onto both of them. Andrews hits a reverse hurricanrana for two on Riddle with Dunne having to shove Webster into the cover for the save. A tornado DDT plants Dunne on the floor but Riddle spears Webster down.

Riddle’s suplex is countered into a small package for two so Riddle throws him into a kick from Dunne for a closer near fall. Andrews grabs a hurricanrana for two on Riddle with Dunne punching Webster into the cover for another save. The Bitter End is blocked and the X Plex is countered into a Stundog Millionaire. Riddle has had it with these two and gives Webster Bro Derek on the floor. Dunne loads up the Bitter End on Andrews, dropping him onto Riddle’s knee to the face for the pin at 18:20.

Rating: B+. This was an interesting one with the regular team being able to hang in there against the two individual stars. Then Riddle took it to a level where they just couldn’t hang and Riddle looked like the star that he is. Dunne looked rather good as well, but Riddle was the monster at the end and it was cool to see.

Tyler Bate, Xia Brookside, Jordan Devlin, Amale, Levi Muir, Aoife Valkyrie, Tyson T-Bone (with a sweet old school wrestling figures collection) and Flash Morgan Webster wish us a Merry Christmas.

A-Kid, Isla Dawn, Joseph Conners, Pretty Deadly, Piper Niven (her Christmas tree is nice), Sam Gradwell and Eddie Dennis wish us a Merry Christmas.

Jinny talks about what a year this was and thinks we should look back out our accomplishments. NXT UK showed the world how tough it was, but she showed everyone how great she was. 2021 is a new, clean slate and it will be her year. Merry Christmas.

Dave Mastiff reads various wrestlers’ Christmas wishes, including HHH wanting a motorbike or flaming water.

Mark Andrews, Ashton Smith, Aleah James, Amir Jordan, Dani Luna, Kenny Williams and Oliver Carter wish us a Merry Christmas.

Nina Samuels, Gallus, Noam Dar, Rampage Brown, Jack Starz, Wild Boar, Sid Scala, Saxon Huxley and Ilja Dragunov wish us a Merry Christmas.

Video on Walter vs. Joe Coffey at Takeover: Blackpool II.

United Kingdom Title: Joe Coffey vs. Walter

Walter is defending and tries a big boot at the bell in a flashback to last year’s Blackpool. The early sleeper is countered into a spinning belly to back suplex so Walter gets a breather on the floor. Coffey follows and hits a big diving shoulder over the barricade as Walter can’t get going so far. Back in and Coffey stomps away, setting up a belly to belly for two. There’s a tornado DDT for two more and it’s time for the slugout, with Coffey seemingly rather pleased. A stalling suplex gives Coffey two more but they chop it out, and that’s just a bad idea against Walter.

Some big chops put Coffey on the floor and that means a big boot against the barricade. Back in and a half crab into the STF have Coffey in more trouble but Walter lets it go. More forearms just fire Coffey up…so Walter knocks him right back down. Some forearms to the chest set up a Boston crab and then a modified Crossface has Coffey in more trouble. A rope is grabbed so they ram into each other a few times until Walter suplexes him for two more.

The sleeper is broken up with a drop backwards and they’re both down. That doesn’t last long as Coffey spears Walter in the back to set up a German suplex for two. Walter is right back up with a powerbomb for his own near fall but the ref gets knocked VERY silly (and sells it like he fell out of a building).

All The Best For The Bells connects for no count so here’s Alexander Wolfe to go after Coffey. Ilja Dragunov makes the save but knocks Wolfe into Coffey’s leg. Walter clotheslines Dragunov to the floor and kicks him down before sending Coffey into the steps. We have another referee as Dragunov and Wolfe fight to the back. Coffey catches him on top and manages a belly to belly superplex to put them both down again.

Walter is up first for his awesome top rope splash and another near fall. The powerbomb is escaped and All The Best For The Bells connects (after the first one grazed the top of Walter’s head) for two so Walter slaps on a sleeper. The sleeper suplex drops Coffey on his head and there’s the powerbomb. Walter hits another powerbomb and puts on the Crossface to make Coffey tap at 27:40.

Rating: A. It’s the second best NXT UK Takeover main event ever and that’s not bad at all. This was exactly what it should have been with both guys beating the heck out of each other as only a pair of monsters can do. I had fun watching them hit each other really hard and that’s how it should have gone. Heck of a fight here and Coffey continues to have a great role around here. It’s going to take something special to beat Walter and you can probably pencil in Dragunov for the next shot, which could be fascinating.

Overall Rating: A. What else can you ask for here? It’s a show on a holiday so who is going to care about anything they present? Don’t bother doing anything other having a good show like this because it’s all you should be doing here. The matches were good too so it’s as solid of a show as you are going to have.

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