Christmas Night Good Vibes: December 25, 2020

Tag yourself on mood, I’m pretty sure I’m Lance Archer right now..

Tonight, WWE gives us the gift of Roman Reigns against Kevin Owens in a steel cage, as well as Big E against Sami Zayn and a three-way women’s tag title match.  Three title matches?  God bless us everyone!

And now, let me repeat something I said in last night’s thread, because it was well-received and some may not have seen it:

This has been a very stressful year for me professionally and personally. Professionally, we’ve all been forced into extra hours to help our individuals stay healthy; personally, I’ve spent months on end along when not at work and haven’t had a single wrestling event to attend to meet my friends there. Being able to spend a few nights with y’all, and being able to share my thoughts with you, has been a relief and a real godsend.

I wanna thank Scott, first of all, for letting me review AEW Dark so that I can feel like I’m a part of this community regularly. I wanna thank all of you who have enjoyed the Prime Time look-ins and the other quirks of my Night thread posts. Speaking of Night, thanks goes to him, too, for being a great mod alongside Ioan, ChicagoDem, and all the others. I wanna thank Mike, Rick, Tommy, Scott, Brian, Logan, and all those who have reviewed and continue to review shows for this blog for expanding my horizons. And I definitely want to thank Com and the other poli-sci libs around here for letting me try to establish a ground between “Democrat” and “Trump”, even if it becomes obnoxious in an election year.

Here’s to the Merriest of Christmases and a better 2021, eh?

And now, the AEW Dark Moment of the week — SCU in the Waiting Room.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.