Match Placement In The Modern Era

Hey Scott–

How are you feeling about the match which has the hottest angle WWE has going being in the semi-main position? Heel Roman is awesome, but is Vince back there saying “We're setting Husky Harris on FIRE! Nobody can follow that, pal!”

Are you cool with the match placement for TLC? Or should the head of the table have sat at… you know… the head of the table?

P.S. Who in the ever-loving fuck is supposed to be the babyface in that Randy Orton/Bray Wyatt/Fiend feud…?

The Fiend.  It’s at least easy to tell because now they can literally program the crowd reactions.  
I would have closed with the Drew match because I’m more about babyfaces winning to close and then put Roman at the beginning.  Maybe they thought no one could follow the Fiend getting all the heat?  Maybe they should have moved it to the midcard and given him a partner so he could make the HOT TAG.  
Is this thing on?