Sunny v. Sable

No, this isn't a question about who was hotter.  Like that was even up for debate in 1996…

In an old Coliseum Video rant, you expressed incredulity at the “idiot” who failed to book a Sunny v. Sable feud.  That's got to be a prime example of something served up on a platter that they failed to capitalize on, yes?  As the IC-title tournament final
indicated, they had ready-made proxies that could fight on their behalf (Farooq and Mero).  Not to say it would have “drawn” in especially the dark days of 96 or anything, but when something is right there, there's no sense not giving it a shot, right?

Anyway, was there some backstage reason it never happened (ie. they hated each other and wouldn't work together)?  Or is it just an example of somebody not seeing the obvious?

Probably they didn’t have the mentality that valets could be serious parts of the show at that point. It might have lit a fire under Sunny though.