A new faction. Someone's leaving big heaps of shit back stage. I mean it.  Like Jurassic Park levels of dung. Wrassler's are slippin and slidin' in it. Staff's falling in it face first complete with wacky sound effects and all. When this happens either HHH,
Stephanie or Vince is on camera and after each gag one of the three looks at the camera and says something like “well I guess he really was having a crappy day” or if they want to really bring back the risqué stuff something like “see I told everyone that
guy was the drizzling shits”. This goes on for months. Everyone things management is taking the craps everywhere or perhaps it's Randy Orton as he is known to do. Some speculate the ghost of Andre has come back and is leaving spectral dump loads everywhere.
Foley comes back as the investigator ala the 2000 Austin hit and run angle. Turns out it's Retribution's master plan! Only now they're called International Backstage Shitters! Or IBS. And now that the cat's out of the bag it's a full blown toilet holocaust.
They just take shits EVERYWHERE. Backstage. In the ring. On the tron. At titan towers. It's fecal anarchy. Eventually a familiar toilet sound starts to play over the PA and TL Hopper is seen in a nearby outhouse only now he's dressed Goth. He points the plunger
at the leader of IBS and the build to WM 37 is ON man!

What do ya think? Is this idea the shit or what?

Merry Christmas!