Daily News Update – December 20, 2020

So I spent most of my Saturday finally beating Arkham Knight for the first time, after figuring out that the proper strategy was to dump all the upgrade points into the stupid Batmobile and worry about pumping up the combat and gadgets later if needed.  And man was that ending a letdown, mostly because for all the tank battling you have to go through to get there, to be told that “Oh yeah go grind out another bunch of side quests to see the REAL ending!” is kind of a kick in the nuts.  I’m gonna be BOLD and say it’s my least favorite of the series, with Asylum still the one I replay the most, followed closely by City and then the underrated Origins (which I’ve beaten a few times and will probably beat again) and then this one, which I just can’t see myself going through to fully finish like I do with Arkham City.  The story’s just not there (with a couple of notable “screw you” fakeouts and unreliable narrator s--- dragging it down for me) and the tank stuff is SUCH a drag.

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