NXT UK – December 17, 2020

Date: December 17, 2020
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

Things continue to stay interesting around here as we close out the year, but this time around it is going to be one more important match before we officially make it to the holidays. This time around it is all about the Tag Team Titles as Gallus defend the titles against the Hunt. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Isla Dawn vs. Kay Lee Ray

Non-title. Ray works on the arm to start so Dawn does exactly the same. Dawn gets in some double knees to the chest for two but Ray is back up to send her into the corner. Something like a basement Meteora gives Dawn two and the hard belly to back suplex is good for the same. Ray is right back with a tornado DDT and a Koji Clutch but Dawn is out in a hurry. That’s about it for Dawn though as Ray grabs the Gory Bomb for the pin at 4:18.

Rating: C-. Dawn is fine for a role like this and they need to give Ray a clean win here or there. It was smart to get the match in and out quickly as Ray shouldn’t be having trouble with Dawn. It’s not like there is much of a story here and Piper Niven or Jinny would seem to be the next challenger for the title anyway.

Post match Ray says you should get used to her being champion because forever is a long time.

Video on Ben Carter, who has officially signed with NXT UK. Good for him for getting a chance like this. Various wrestlers talk about how great he is and we see him in Seth Rollins’ wrestling school.

Ilja Dragunov is near tears in the ring because he came so close to winning the UK Title but came up just short. He’ll be back.

Levi Muir/Jack Starz vs. Saxon Huxley

The bigger Muir tries to power Huxley around to start before hit leapfrog is knocked out of the air. Starz tries a slingshot crossbody and after Muir offers a trip, it takes Huxley down. Back up and Huxley unloads on Stars with right hands before cranking on the neck a bit. A gorilla press sends Starz flying and there’s a running boot to the side of his head.

Huxley knocks Muir off the apron and then throws Starz back in for two. Starz gets in a shot to the face and brings in Muir, who is driven into the corner in a hurry. A double dropkick takes Huxley down though and a sunset flip, with some help from Muir, gives Starz the upset pin at 5:23.

Rating: C. I’m not sure what the point is in having Huxley lose but he isn’t the kind of guy you need to push, meaning the loss isn’t some horrible move. The action was fast paced too and it was a surprise ending so well done on the twist. Starz isn’t going to go anywhere but he’s the show’s designated jobber. Muir on the other hand looks great and could go somewhere if he is given the right push. Not bad at all here.

Post match Huxley beats both of them down but Dave Mastiff runs in for the save.

Earlier this week, Piper Niven showed Sid Scala a video of someone leaving Piper a message at the gym. Apparently it’s a contract for a match with Jinny, who Piper wants to face in three weeks. The match is made for January 7.

Dave Mastiff meets Rampage Brown. That wouldn’t be bad for Brow’s first real challenge.

Here’s A-Kid, who is very proud of what he has done and the pride it has brought Spain. He wants to be the best though and challenges Walter for the United Kingdom Title. Cue Walter to say hang on a second because he sees a lot of skill in A-Kid. But HOW DARE HE go this far? The one thing that will never change is that Walter is NXT UK Champion, which seems to mean no shot.

Earlier this week, Kenny Williams was upset when Amir Jordan comes in to say get back to it because they need to win the Tag Team Titles. Williams, with his bad knee, doesn’t seem convinced and suggests Jordan go on his own for the time being. However, Williams is willing to be in his corner. Something sounds afoot.

Trent Seven says he gave it his all in the Heritage Cup Tournament and had no idea how much he gave in until he lost. There are things that he needs to fix so he’s going away for now. This isn’t goodbye, but see you later, and Seven does not look happy.

Rampage Brown vs. Josh Morrell

Morrell’s headlock doesn’t work at all as Brown runs him over without much trouble. Brown throws him outside and then right back in, setting up the shoulders in the corner. A running shoulder hits the post though and Morrell hits a dropkick for one. Brown isn’t having that and hits the big clothesline, setting up up the Doctor Bomb for the pin at 3:13.

Rating: D+. Brown is one of those guys who continues to impress in the limited around of time that he gets in the ring every week. That’s exactly what he should be doing too, as he is looking more and more like a monster every time he’s in the ring. Just having him throw people around and then crush them in the end works, and he’ll get bigger competition in the future.

Sid Scala makes A-Kid vs. Walter for the UK Title at some point in the new year. Throwing Walter out there in a somewhat challenging title match is a good idea.

Next week: a special Christmas Eve show.

Tag Team Titles: The Hunt vs. Gallus

Gallus is defending and Eddie Dennis is here with the Hunt. Wolfgang gets double teamed in the corner to start with Primate stomping away. That’s broken up with straight power as Wolfgang fights out and drives him into the corner corner so Mark Coffey can come in. Wild Boar shrugs off the headlock though and brings in Primate for a double backdrop. We hit the chinlock on Coffey and a backsplash to the back gets two.

A right hand knocks Wolfgang off the apron but Boar’s charge only hits buckle. The diving tag brings Wolfgang in to clean house, including a top rope ax handle for two on Primate. Dennis pulls Boar out of a powerslam attempt and a shot to Wolfgang’s back puts him down. Cue Joe Coffey to take out Dennis, followed by Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews to go after Primate. That leaves Boar to take a powerslam/jumping enziguri combination for the pin at 7:59 to retain the titles.

Rating: C+. The Hunt were interesting challengers for the titles here as you don’t get to see many teams who can match Gallus for size and power. Gallus are fine once they’re in the ring, but they’re far from the most memorable team in the world. Half the time I forget that they’re the champions, which isn’t a good sign but when you have the titles as long as they have, it is bound to happen at some point.

Post match Pretty Deadly comes out to challenge for the titles. That was coming sooner or later. Cue Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith to send them into the ring for the beatdown from Gallus to end the show. When did this show build a tag division?

Overall Rating: C+. This was a very busy show and they set up a few things for next month. I’m more impressed by the tag division though, which now has several teams running around at the moment and you can imagine a lot of them going after the titles. I’m liking where things are going around here and that’s more than I can say about some other WWE shows at the moment. No it doesn’t mean much and this show is on an island of its own but for what it is, NXT UK is a rather nice hour of wrestling a week, with this show being another good example.



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