Question about the original NWA

Hello Scott

Do you know what the story behind this is..

Here's a link to a photo of original National Wrestling Alliance World

Heavyweight Champion Orville Brown wearing the first ever NWA World

Title belt.

If you look closely, you can see that the Star of David features

prominently on the belt.

When Thesz gets the belt in 1949, it changes to the far more familiar

design of..×300.jpg

And that one remained until it was replaced by the “domed globe” in


Even Wikipedia lists the Thesz belt as the “first NWA belt design”.

What is the story behind this?


Well we could ask Silver Fox because I think he was around back then.  KIDDING.  
I’m assuming that was one of the numerous variations of the World title that existed pre-Thesz.  Orville held about three different World titles before they got unified into Thesz, for example.