Honky Tonk Thanos

I always knew of DiBiase being promised the title at Mania 4 but I had no idea that the damn Honky Tonk Man changed wrestling history by being a stubborn fool. IF Savage wins the title at the Main Event, how do you think things play out? Do we get Savage/Steamboat 2 in the quarterfinals at the tournament? Do they give Savage the title at Mania 5 and then do the Megapowers breakup until Mania 6? The possibilities that could have happened are kinda trippy if you think about it 

Dibiase was supposed to win the tournament and then drop the title back to Hogan at Summerslam 88, so I don't think Savage ever actually gets the belt.  I think they do the Megapower breakup and it's just Savage jobbing to Hogan at WM5 and he becomes just another guy afterwards.