What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – September 12, 1995

Joey Styles calls tonight’s action, which comes from the ECW Arena on August 26.

Lance Wright hypes Club ECW where for $100 you get the same ringside seat for the next four ECW Arena shows, get on ECW’s priority mailing list, and get twenty percent off all ECW merchandise.

Styles announces that at the ECW Arena this Saturday night the Pitbulls will face Raven and Stevie Richards in a double dog collar match for the ECW Tag Team Championship.  The Pitbulls drop by for an interview, saying that they have been too worried about revenge in their earlier matches with Raven and Richards but now they are focused on the tag team titles.  Pitbull #1 says that if the Pitbulls do not win the titles that they will leave ECW.

Cactus Jack calls Tommy Dreamer ignorant in proclaiming him an original hardcore wrestler because Ray Stevens did it before him.  And all Stevens has to show for himself is needing a heart transplant.  Jack also talks about Harley Race and the Dynamite Kid, who have broken bodies from hardcore wrestling.  He accuses fans of only crying about Eddie Gilbert’s death because they feel sorry for themselves and how they cheered him to his ruin.  Jack wraps up by urging Dreamer to take Raven’s offer and walk away.

Opening Contest:  Tommy Dreamer (5-4) beats Dudley Dudley (w/Big Dick Dudley) after a superplex at 6:44 shown:

Styles frames this match as a way for Dreamer to send a message to Raven and Cactus Jack.  It is a sloppy bout, with Dudley Dudley almost falling off the top rope when doing a springboard splash and failing to drop Dreamer on the top rope with an inverted suplex.  Big Dick does not sell any of Dreamer’s weapons shots and barely sells a low blow before Dreamer rolls in, crotches Dudley Dudley, and finishes him with a superplex.  Rating:  *

After the match, Dreamer takes a sign from Sign Guy Dudley in the front row, tears it apart, and then pulls Sign Guy over the railing and DDTs him on a chair.

Styles interviews Taz, who is making his return to the ring against Television Champion 2 Cold Scorpio this Saturday night at the ECW Arena.  Taz promises an ass kicking.

The Steiner Brothers (w/Taz) defeat 2 Cold Scorpio & Chris Benoit when Scott pins Benoit after a Steiner DDT at 9:40 shown:

Benoit was named as Scorpio’s mystery partner for this match, and this match is Benoit’s last in ECW before jumping to WCW with Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko.  Sadly, the match is clipped to its big moments but what is shown is fun as Benoit throws superplexes and Scorpio uses his aerial skills to keep the Steiners off balance.  The partners start arguing after failing to do some double teams, hinting at their old battles in WCW, and this matters late in the bout when heel miscommunication occurs when Scorpio tries a superkick as Benoit holds Rick.  Benoit flattens his partner with a dragon suplex, who Taz takes out with the television title belt, and all of that allows the Steiners to finish the departing star, but not before Benoit kicks out of a few moves to put over his fighting spirit.  If the full match was shown, this would gain a higher rating, but I cannot go higher based on what was shown.  Rating:  **½

The Gangstas and the Sandman and Woman put over their six-man match against the Public Enemy and Mikey Whipwreck at the ECW Arena.  New Jack says that the Gangstas do not care about the Sandman or Woman but they share a love for violence and that is enough.

The Public Enemy use a dirty Cabbage Patch doll as a symbol for the Gangstas, hanging it by its neck on a fence and beating it with a stick to show what they are going to do to them at the ECW Arena.  Talk about a segment that has not aged well.  Meanwhile, Mikey Whipwreck is his usual, hesitant self in talking about the match.

The Last Word:  Cactus Jack’s promos remain the big highlight of these shows and the in-ring action of the main event was a nice compliment.  Having Benoit show a lot of fighting spirit on his way out of the promotion was strange, though, especially because the Steiner Brothers would stick around for another month.

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