Pete Dunne’s Heel Turn

Hey Scott–

Unquestionably the highlight of NXT every week is Pat Mcafee's douchebag heel routine. But I notice that while Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch do the typical “tell'em, Pat! Yeah!” bit during Mcafee's promos, Pete Dunne has this absolutely surly, sullen expression, like being around Mcafee is the last thing he wants to be doing.

I thought Pete's heel turn was great, but he's so awesome that it's going to be hard to keep him that way. So how do you think this winds up? Is Pete Dunne just a surly bastard who can't even stand his own friends and associates? Or does he snap at some point and pulls some SMALL JOINT MANIPULATION while Pat Mcafee screams in pain and horror?

Given that Pete is just replacing Ridge Racer or whatever his name was, I don’t know that they have that kind of long term planning behind him. But I mean, even as a babyface, Pete was a miserable bastard who could barely tolerate his own partner.  So it’s just him being consistent.