Wrestling Crowds during pandemic

So i don't have the official standards and practices on what is and isn't allowed during crowd sizes at certain counties/cities/etc other than my own western new york.  How am i not hearing that vince is demanding everything be done to get crowds of any size back at his shows?  What i'm seeing at AEW is noticable size. Now i'm not saying it's in best interests of health, but in terms of getting a crowd in a building asap, i figure vince would be ontop of that before anyone else.  Now having said that, does Vince just want to roll with thunderdome until crowds of siginifcant size are allowed back, that way he can tout the technological achievment instead of the visual of more empty seats than full? 
Probably.  Also we’re learning that WWE somehow makes MORE money running empty buildings than they did when they had people.  Plus they can control the crowd reaction and narrative.  So Vince likely has little reason to change now.